How Does Black Seed Help to Cure Arthritis?

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Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints and muscles. It is a painful condition and many people suffer from it. Although, it is generally considered to be more common in older people, arthritis can even strike children. There are more than 100 types of arthritis, but four of them are the most common ones.  There are more than 350 million sufferers of arthritis globally. The number of people in the USA is estimated to be around 46 millions while the figure in the UK is a little less than 10 million. Poor diet, lack of exercise, obesity, demanding physical job, family history and injuries are some of the factors that may lead to arthritis.

Black Seed is Anti-Rheumatic  and Anti-Inflammatory

Some tests were conducted at the King’s college London in 1995 to find out the effects of black seed on inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism and related conditions. They confirmed that using Nigella sativa has positive effect in treating rheumatism and other inflammatory diseases.

Professor El-Dakhakny reported in 1960  that black seed has anti-inflammatory properties and could be used to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. In another study conducted at the Alexandria Medical Faculty (2002), the researchers examined the effects of black seed on inflammatory conditions and found that it could inhibit arthritis.

Pain and Black Seed

Ibuprofen and other pain killers work to kill pain because they are anti-inflammatory. The same is true of Black seed or its oil. In 2001, Dr Al-Ghamdi investigated the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic properties of Nigella sativa. He concluded that the evidence supported the use of black seed in folk medicine as analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. A research in 2003 reported similar finding at King Saud University in Saud Arabia. The research however recommended that further studies were required to explain the analgesic mechanism of action by black seed.

Professor G. Rietmuller is professor and director at the Institute of Immunology at the University of Munich, Germany. He confirms the positive role of the plant and believes that it could be used as a bio-regulator. Similarly, Professor Michael Meurer of the Dermatology Clinic says that the oil is great to help stop inflammation and neurodermitis.

Evidence Based on User’s Experience

There are tons of people who used the black seed for inflammatory conditions and have got relief. Books, magazine, internet, and blogs are full of such stories. People even have videos of their own personal experiences and benefits of this wonderful herb. The following is a brief excerpt from one of the many users’ experiences.

“I had sinus infection and found something which was amazing called black seed. You can either take it in the oil form or if you do not like the taste you can take it in the capsule form. Black seed is used in the Middle East for a number of conditions and is also known as a miracle cure.

When I took it, besides the infection taking it away, it  also cured my inflammation. The amazing oil is good for guts, stomach, allergies and is anti-inflammatory. Not only that but this wonderful thing improves mood as well. Anything which removes inflammation from our body improves the natural function of the immune system.

Toxic foods like pesticides, sugars and all sort of junk foods cause indigestion in our guts and it gradually causes leakiness and undigested protein enters into the blood. The body then creates anti-bodies which may cause the symptoms of allergies, inflammation etc. It gets into you brain and can cause depression and all kinds of imbalances because of sensitivity to pesticides, sensitivity to food tolerance, sensitivity to pollens, or just the food we eat.

This is really old fashioned remedy which helps digestion. If you just take a teaspoon after every meal, it works wonders in the digestive system.

In fact, it can be used for anything. Modern science confirms that all of our health challenges are complicated by inflammation which is caused by infection. Black seed as an anti-oxidant not only prevents inflammation but removes it. It has got all kinds of vitamins in it and omega oil.”

(Transcribed from a YouTube video)


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