How Do I Treat My 28 Years Old Headache Using Natural Healing Oils

throbbing headache

Headache is one of the most irritating, painful and stressful conditions.

You open your eyes in the morning to find yourself with a throbbing headache above your one eye. Or is it after a few hours of work that you feel the banging in your head?

Or it could be that you are out in the sun and you just start feeling a nasty pain in your skull. Or maybe, you heard somebody talking or a baby crying while you were asleep and found your head thumping with severe pain. Or it could be for no known reasons that your head is just bursting because of dilapidating pain.

Homeopathic treatment of headache and migraineIn this post I am not going to talk about the types, causes and remedies of treating different types of headaches.

This post is especially dedicated to my own personal experience of how was I able to find relief from various types of painful experience i.e. headache.

I am 44 years old male. I started developing headaches when I was 16 years old. What type of headache do I suffer from? Virtually any type!

I get it, sometimes, at the back of my head just above the neck. Sometimes right at the whole forehead. Sometimes, above the right eye while at other times above the left eye with a nasty throbbing and banging pain.

If you ask me why do I get it? My answer is simple: “I do not know.” I have not been able to identify a single cause of it during the last 28 years. Neither me  nor my doctors could do so.

When I was living abroad, I pushed for an answer from the doctors that why do I get it? The only … answer I got from one of the docs was that there were 75 major causes behind it and as for the minor ones they were in hundreds.

What he meant was to take my prescription and forget about what causes it.

Around 22 years later, I asked the same question from a GP in the UK. Interestingly, he said that I had no serious problem whatsoever and that I would have been dead by now if there was any serious issue!

He advised me to carry on with this torment without any resort to pain killers.

While abroad, I took so much medication and pain killers. I do not remember the names of many of them. When you are abroad, the doctors normally prescribe you a huge amount of medication as they receive kickbacks from the pharmaceuticals companies.

So, the more they prescribe the more money the get! Also, you can get almost any type of medication over the counter without a doctor’s prescription.

Drug Medication Does Not Work

Homeopathic treatment of headache and migraineAs I said above, none of the doctors were able to diagnose the condition rightly and identify any reasons behind. They would always prescribe some anti-depressants drugs to reduce the level of stress. God knows how much did I ate all these years.

Pain Killers Are No Solutions, Too

Pain killers kill the pain and relieve the symptoms temporarily. Although, taking pain killers greatly help to silence the pain and carry on the day to day activities, it is by no means a solution to the real problem. It has nothing to do with finding or treating the real cause behind.

Home Remedies Did not Work Too.

I have researched so many home remedies and treatments over the years. Friends, relatives and colleagues have come up with their own unique tips, remedies, suggestions and recommendations. I appreciate them all for their sincerity, sympathy and kindness.

The truth, however, is none of them worked for me.

The Homeopathic Solution, Does it Work?

After exhausting all these available methods, I thought of using homeopathic medicines. I read that it was a harmless method of treatment with no side effects. I also came to know that it aims to cure the root cause of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Readers Digest, in one of their issues, confirmed that 75% of people using homeopathic treatments reported that the treatments were effective.

If you have ever been to a homeopath, you always get one of the two or both most prescribed medications i.e. sweet small tablets to be put under the tongue, or just transparent drops to be mixed in a glass of water. The homeopath would then advise you taking them at certain intervals of the day on a regular basis.

Apparently, these sweet tablet and drops of water seem to be the same in all cases for any illness. However, this is not the case as these are prepared under some complex formula system of their own.

To cut the long story short, I have eaten a lot of these sweet tablets and drank those tasteless drops of water with no effect at all.

So I did not work, too.

When you suffer from a painful condition, you never stop looking out for solutions. There is always a ray of hope that one day you would be able to find some sort of viable solution.

It may take years after years to finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.

How soon you find a solution depends on several factors. Somebody could have been searching for a solution for years, while another could simply find it much sooner by chance.

The Power of Healing Oils

It was not long ago that I become interested in healing oils. I knew that some oils were good at massaging muscular inflammation and joint pains. I never knew that some oils could also be used to relieve the symptoms of headaches in the most natural and pleasant way.

I tried and tested many natural oils with some not working at all and some other with moderate results.

It was not long ago when I landed on Natural Healing Oil Website. In my pursuit of finding a perfect blend, I found their H-Headache formula quite interesting. I wanted to add it to my dedicated cabinet of natural oils.

After using it for a week, I was amazed at the thing. It works very well on any type of headache and relieves the symptoms within 30 minutes. Although, I have yet to see whether it will cure the root cause, it is a safe and natural alternative to other medication. I do not use any pain killers anymore; it works as one of the best natural pain killers.

I am going to use it for, at least, six months to see if it is a permanent solution. I will, of course, update this page, then.

For the time a big thanks to H-headache.

If you have used any natural solutions with any success, please feel free to participate in the discussion by commenting in comment sections below.

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