How Did Manuka Honey Treat My 20 Years Old Stomach Pain?

To treat your stomach pain with Manuka honey, you must select the proper grade or strength. I do not use any grade below 15+.

wedderspoon raw manuka honey

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If you have ever experienced stomach ache, you know the extreme discomfort one undergoes. Of all the ailments, stomach ailments are, perhaps, the most distressing for two main reasons, among others.

First, our health very much depends on the food we eat and second, how the food is digested and assimilated inside. The food we eat goes to our stomach and it also performs the digestive action.

Now the whole system of health depends on the proper working of this “wonderful machine”. Once it is broken, the whole body suffers and the quality of life deteriorates. Not only one experiences pain and suffering but is also deprived of the most delicious food and delicacies God created for us. Take care of this wonderful and amazing machine; the rest will take care of itself.

I had been suffering from stomach ache for the last 20 years! During this time I used so many different types of medicines, drugs, herbs and what not and what not! During the last two decades, I have seen doctors after doctors with scores of advices, tips, prescriptions and medication. I have undergone tests after tests in hospitals and surgeries. The last thing which I was used before manuka honey was the medication called Aciphex, which is very strong and cost more than $170 only for 30 pills.

But God showed His mercy when I tried Manuka honey. I read it on the internet that it calms heart burns, helps in digestion, heals wounds and infection, reduces nausea, and eliminates IBS etc. I also read the counter comments especially when a lot people complained that it caused them upset stomach and burning.

When one suffers from a prolong illness, one will always tries anything and will see any doctor or medical expert one hears of. I read and heard about Manuka’s natural power of healing. Due to my 20 years of suffering and testing scores of stuff, I still did not believe it until I used it. The miraculous thing is I started feeling better after using it only for three days! Just imagine how one would feel when such chronic condition is relieved in three days! Psychologically, I am so shaken, that I still fear that it will return one day. But it has been several months since I first started eating 1 table spoon of Manuka honey on the bread. The pain has never returned. It will hopefully never come back!

After reading and researching for several months, I am convinced that Active Manuka Honey is useful for several abdominal ailments. It heals stomach ulcers because it kills helicobacter, the bacteria that are known to be the cause of ulcers in the abdomen. It is also very useful in treating diarrhoea and gastroenteritis.
If you have condition like me, I highly recommend giving it a try. There are scores of benefits. I hope I will stay health as I am. I would hate to see the doctors again. I would hate to take all those tests, drugs, consultations, wards, clinics and other DIRTY stuff.

You can buy manuka honey in any health food shop or online. I bought mine from Amazon. There are so many different varieties. I went for Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey Active because there are a lot of positive reviews on Amazon about this product. While writing these lines there were more than 329 reviews 99 percent were very positive. I like to see the experience of other people before going for a product. I do not remember exactly, but I guess I read around 100 reviews of the other people before buying it.

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