Why Should You Consider H-Shingles Homeopathic Formula

H-Shingles Formula

H-Shingles Formula is a homeopathic natural alternative treatment for shingles. If you’ve ever had shingles you know how painful it can be and how long it takes to heal. H-Shingles can stop an outbreak from spreading, reduce healing time and provide relief for the common symptoms.

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What Is Shingles

Shingles is a physical reaction to the virus varicella-zoster which also causes chicken pox. Whether you have had chicken pox or been vaccinated against it the virus lays dormant in your nerve cells. Stress, age and immune system issues can cause the virus to awaken. Shingles produce a rash with “weeping sores” and a burning sensation. It typically occurs on only one side of the body and stretches in a strip from the spine around the torso, but it can occur anywhere on the body. There are cases where shingles has occurred on only one small part of the body, such as inside the ear, near an eye or on a hand. Many sufferers say the early pain starts by feeling like a pulled muscle or numbness but then describe the pain as prickling, stabbing, burning and itching.

One shingles outbreak increases your risk for further outbreaks, especially if you have other increased risk factors. Nerve damage can be a result of untreated and recurrent shingles, causing post herpetic neuralgia or PHN. PHN can continue to cause nerve pain, numbness and even weakness for several months after the shingles outbreak heals. In some cases, PHN has been known to last for years or cause permanent damage.

How Do I Know If I Have Shingles?

Before self treating you may ask how to even know if it is shingles you are dealing with if you have never had it before. If the pain and itching does not have another explanation and you have sores, you probably have shingles. If you have an immune deficiency or an overactive immune system and have recently experienced a major life change, trauma or other stress you may be at increased risk. People who have auto-immune conditions are often at higher risk but unable to recognize the earliest signs of shingles because it can mimic a lupus, fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis flare up. The weeping sores are caused by small blisters bursting and may be the most obvious sign of a shingles outbreak if you have other illnesses that can mask the other signs.
Shingles Natural Treatment Alternative - Shingles and  PHN

What Are Common Treatments & Why Don’t They Work?

Doctors sometimes offer no treatment at all beyond suggesting your reduce your stress and ride the outbreak out. When they do offer treatment it can take the form of medications which have other side effects while trying to manage symptoms. There is no cure for shingles, so at best treatment can provide some relief from the pain. Anti-depressants are a common treatment offered, as some anti-depressants are known to block some nerve pain. If you do not have depression, however, those treatments may cause other serious risk factors or be contraindicated with other conditions you may have.

Another treatment is to take medication designed to address a herpes outbreak. There are some potential side effects with this treatment and it has not been proven effective in stopping the outbreak. Prescriptions for anti-depressants and herpes treatments may also create some additional sensitivity and stress due to filling a prescription for an illness you do not have and which is stigmatized. This treatment method is also temporary and therefore does not help if you experience post herpetic neuralgia or PHN pain once the shingles has resolved.

What Is H-Shingles Formula?

H-Shingles Formula is a natural homeopathic treatment option created by a blend of essential oils. It is available for purchase without a prescription and does not require a co-pay to visit the doctor first. The H-Shingles Formula conforms to FDA standards for homeopathic medicine and is manufactured in the USA with all natural ingredients. It is intended for topical (external) use and designed specifically to treat shingles and post herpetic neuralgia. This soothing and safe oil can

  • Relieve inflammation
  • Reduce itching
  • Stop burning sensation
  • Heal sores faster, or reduce how many form if used early enough
  • Also treat the pain and discomfort of PHN

Why is H-Shingles Formula A Unique Treatment?

H-Shingles Formula is the only known formula to successfully treat PHN. Because we do not fully understand why shingles happens, it is difficult to explain why certain treatments work better than others. The special formulation of H-Shingles Formula provides a soothing sensation to the skin and the herbal blend has natural known healing properties for certain symptoms.

What Makes H-Shingles Formula So Effective?

H-Shingles Formula contains the following natural ingredients and properties

  • Calendula officinalis – The marigold flower is a natural anti-inflammatory, can prevent scarring, soothes irritated skin and tissue and heals wounds.
  • Iris versicolor – The iris has pain relief and anti-itch properties and is especially efficient at healing zoster-virus related sores.
  • Ranunculus bulbosus – Part of the buttercup family of flowers, this plant is another pain reliever which also acts specifically on burning and itching sensations and has been proven effective to help heal zoster-virus sores.
  • Inactive ingredients in essential oil form include lemon grass, English lavender, litsea, myrtle, rose geranium and sesame. These oils combine to provide additional skin soothing properties and a pleasant non-medicinal scent.
How Do I Use H-Shingles Formula?

This oil is intended for topical use only. Only a few drops are necessary and it should be applied three times a day to the affected area. The earlier you sense shingles coming on and start using the H-Shingles Formula, the better it will work and may even prevent a full outbreak. You can begin using it at any time during an outbreak, however, and you will find relief increasing over time.

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