How Did I Get Rid of Excessive Gas, Flatulence and IBS Symptoms

My name is John and I am 43 years old. I am writing this post to share with you the amazing benefits of Rezvera, a product which I just found by chance. Internet is a great place where you come across many interesting things. I say “come across” because many a time you may be looking for one thing and you may accidentally come across something which works wonders.

Conditions I Had Before Using Rezvera

Before I list any benefits or the reason why do I use Rezvera for my health, let me  share with you what health issues I had before I started to take the product.

 1. Acne

When you hear of acne, you might be thinking what? “I am 43 years old, you said” I hear you asking. True. Yes, I am 43 and still had acne before taking this stuff. I did not have it like when you are in your teens or early twenties. I always had to have a few whiteheads on my face, shoulders and on my scalp. Apart from the whiteheads, I also had some blackheads here and there. Sometimes, when I would get up in the morning, I would have a flare up of at least  7 to 10 on my face. I would straight away burst them because I did not like them.

I remember when I had loads of ance all over my body when I was in my late teens and early twenties. Doctors advised to leave them alone as these are due to hormonal changes and would disappear with the passage of time. Although, they drastically reduced, but never completely disappeared till six months ago.

2. Excessive Flatulence and Stomach Gas

This was the worst thing in my life. I simply hated it for several reasons. I am, by nature, extrovert. I love to be in social gatherings. I love public places. I love parties. But, the gurgling gas in my stomach would ruin it. At times, it would be so excessive that I had to make an excuse and leave early on many occasions. It was then a psychological and emotional issue for me.

I had a lot of research on the internet to find possible causes and treatments. I even bought a couple of books. They all beat the same drum of avoiding this food, not taking that food, not swallowing air and so on. Trust me I tried all that stuff. The so called advice does not work.

I would also think why other people ate what they liked but never had to complain of any excessive gas. I am a religious person, so I had to even wash myself several times a day for my rituals!

Long farts, with funny sound was my life. Strange, they would sometimes smell sometimes not. But they were horrible in all cases. I hated them. They had created a lot of social and mental barriers. I simply did not want them.

Sometimes, I would fart for so long that I had expelled tons of air and no more would come. But it would not stop. it would always come.

3. Constipation

You call it acute or chronic, I am not sure. It would always come and go. Intermittent! Hard, sometimes for days.

One day I took too long in the toilet during work. When I returned to my seat one of my colleagues remarked, ” I thought you went home.” Eh, utterly embarrassing.

Sometimes, it would even bleed. It would be so hard like the hard rock and small pebbles. Disgusting! Combined with intestinal gas, this was killing me. Again I would change the diet, eat luctolose, laxatives and what not and what not. The biggest irony was that food which was good for constipation was worst for gas and vice versa. I had to either select one of the two devils or sandwich myself between the two.

4. IBS

My doctor had already told me that I was suffering from my IBS. I did not know it was irregular bowel syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome. For me it was both. I did not agree with my doctor when he would prescribe me some drugs. I did take the prescription a few times just in the hope that I would get rid of the symptoms. I would not include IBS in my list because my problems were gas, bloating, burping, and constipation. But the internet and my doctor said these were the symptoms of IBS. For that simple reason I included it here.

5. Interstitial Cystitis

This is a non-bacterial cystitis in which the bladders gets inflammation and you have the symptoms of frequent urination, burning sensations, pain in pelvic, pain in urethra etc. I had several microscopic and telescopic examinations and was operated four times. They would also inject some kind of gel into my bladder through the penis all the way through the urethra. That was horrible, man! Nothing worked. I was referred to two urology consultants and after a treatment for eight years both of them told me that they could not help me further.

Things I tried Before Using Rezvera

Finding Rezvera was not something straight away. It was a chance after much research for other stuff. Before using this wonderful supplement I had tried the following things all in vain.

1. Dietary Change

Health blogs suggest to eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. Many blogs insists on eating the 5 a day thing! Now, I am not against the advice. Fresh fruit and vegetables are great for general health. They contain carbohydrates, fiber and sugar. They help in constipation but aggravates stomach gas. My balloon like stomach would bloat and wind would gush forth at both ends of my body. Beans! A good source of proteins! I would have blown you away if you happened to see me on any day I had treated myself with that super dish. The dietary change would not work. Many times it would make it worse.

2. Probiotics

I would ate yoghurt containing live cultures. Six months of continuously eating, it did not do anything except that I gained a few kilograms of weight. It would also inflame my bladder and worsen my interstitial cystitis. I also ate different types of probiotic pills without getting any relief. I am not denying other health benefits of these organisms, but they did not help to cure my excessive flatulence and constipation.

3. Herbal Teas

Ginger, garlic, fennel seeds, anise seeds, turmeric, and what not and what not. Some of these herbs make fantastic aromatic tea. They were only good as warm aromatic hot drinks!

4. Beano

I was very hopeful to try beanos as the site claimed a lot. I was very desparate to get it from USA. I live in the UK and had to pay international postage. The product is not cheap. But I was ready to pay for it. I wanted to get rid of flatulence, the disgusting and embarrassing farts. It did not work. No, not at all. Whey? I don’t know! But simply it did not work.

5. Charcoal

I had read a lot about activated charcoal. This is cheap and also available in the UK. I did not have to pay too much, I thought to give it a try. The only thing which it did was turn the stool in to black charcoal like tartar found on the roads in hot summer. I am neither medically qualified not am expert in any form of medication.

I am just relating what helped me. Sharing this story might help others. I do not know what if all the above medical conditions are  in any way related to each other or not. These were my symptoms. This is how I got rid of them all.

Rezvera Did the Trick

A drowning man even will hold onto a straw to save himself. A sick man would try anything to cure himself. I had landed on the Rezvera website and was convinced that it was worth a try. I had to order it through my friend who lives in California in the USA as they do not ship to the UK.

According to the site, there are 18 enzymes in Rezvera. They all help in digestion and maintaining a proper digestive system.

According to Rezvera site digestive enzymes are naturally present in our bodies and the digestive system does not function without them. Unfortunately, when we cook food, most of the enzymes are lost during cooking at high or moderate temperature. Rezvera makes up the loss and restores healthy digestive system.

Rezvera contains 18 different enzymes which helps to break down proteins into micro nutrients and they are absorbed by your digestive sytem. It prevents stomach gas, bloating, IBS, constipation and above all Excessive flatulence. For more information on how Rizvera works, please click here to visit their official site.

Get rid of your

  • Excessive Intestinal Gas and Flatulence
  • Constipation
  • IBS
  • Stomach Pain
  • And Improve your colon health

Remember stomach is the mother of all diseases. Keep it health, and the rest will take care of itself.

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I am not a medical expert. I am not making any medical claims. I am just sharing my own personal story and what helped my during my search for better health. I love to go for natural treatments rather than taking harmful drugs.

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