Four Herbal Formulas to Get you Rid of Gas

After a lot of search and tests, I found the following four products to be of great help. Why have I mentioned all these four? The problem is that the condition varies with every individual. One product may work with one person but may be ineffective for another person. If you read the reviews of these products, some people have used a few of them or all of them. Some worked for some and other for others. The best way is to try them one by one and then go for the one which works for you.

1. Rezvera: Customer Report It WORKS!

People who bought this product earlier have reported that it works against the problem. The success rate is more than 99%. When I checked it with Amazon, it had only 1 star review by one customer. Other reviews were all positive and everyone who used it claimed to have successfully cured their gas and flatulence.

Rezvera is a herbal formula which contains only natural herbs and helps in breaking down excessive proteins in digestive system. Apart from improving colon health and eliminating gas, bloating and flatulence, it also works in helping the system to absorb essential nutrients from food.

The formula contains 18 naturally digestive enzymes. These enzymes are normally lost in cooking foods. RezVera replaces them all. According to the manufacturer, all ingredients are tested and are safe to improve colon health.

Here are some brief excerpts from some of the people who bought and used RezVera.

“Callie Worthington noted that she tried several other products, but none of them worked. When give RezVera a shot, it was all gone! She bought it for her husband who tried anything known to them such as Beano and a lot of prescription drugs. She high recommends by claiming that her husband is back to normal only after taking this wonderful herbal formula.”

YANILKA HERNANDEZ reviewed that she bought this product for the fourth time simply because it is effective. Krozum syas he suffered from gas and flatulence for more than 10 years which was a constant pain. This product helped him to get rid of the awful symptoms.”

“Chantelle bougth this for her son and found it very impressive. It cured his problem, he is a lot less smelly and a lot more happy”.

2. Digestive Advantage Once Daily Gas Defense Formula

The manufacturer claims that this formula stops gas before it starts to form. This is a natural supplement which contains friendly bacteria called BC30. It also contains digestive enzymes which help in digesting the gas and bloating causing carbohydrates. Taking one tablet daily before meals stops gas formation by the dual action formula.

There are 59 previous customers who left their feedback for this product on its effectiveness. Out of 59 users, 33 people reported it to be working brilliant and gave it 5 stars. 7 other reported to be working enough to reduce their symptoms, while 19 people found it not to be very effective or as effective as they had thought.

Following is a summary of one of the reviews left by a previous customer.

I suffered from bloating, cramps and gas for a very long period. I have been to the doctors for tests, prescriptions. I had culture tests, endoscopy and many other medical examinations. Nothing worked. Finally, when I saw other people reviews, I decided to give it a go. It works like a dream. I eat very high fiber diet and so have a lot of gas and bloating. This work wonders. The only downside is that I have to take it daily. If I miss it on any day, the gas returns. So, you have to take it whenever on a daily basis before your meals.

3. Activated Charcoal

It works by absorbing excessive gas in the stomach and intestine. It is cheaper than the other products. Many customers have reported relief by using activated charcoal. It also protects the body fro harmful overdosing of toxic substances. At the time of writing this post, there were 54 reviews on Amazon and most of them were positive. Here are some of the remarks in customers reviews.

“I wish I had know them long before. It works wonders.”

“It treated my symptoms of gas and I am nor more embarrassed.”

“I used to avoid eating in public for the fear of embarrassment. Now with activated charcoal, everything has changed.”

4. Beano

Beano is the most popular of all these four products. The success rate is around 80%. Some sufferers reported it to be absolutely brilliant. A few others reported it ineffective. May be, it works for some and not for others. During my search, I found this to be the most talked about and people referring it to others. To be honest, I tried it myself and did not work for me.

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