Five Reasons To Become A Social Worker

the importance of social healthYou will encounter many strong and intelligent individuals in the social work field and find that this field is growing at a fast pace. Historically speaking, social workers have been agents for change and do not hesitate to stand up and challenge policies that are no longer adapted. They are not afraid to fight for what is right and are dedicated to making the world a better place. Here is what draws social workers to these jobs and five reasons to consider a career in this field.

1. Everyone Is Important

Social workers spend most of their time providing services and assistance to the ones who need it. They help people who live in difficult conditions and who need to have someone by their side. Social workers make a difference in people’s lives.

These professionals establish strong relations with communities, families and with individuals so they can implement change at different levels. This is something that social workers learn to do when they obtain their degree and gain experience on the job. The #YouMatter campaign is an excellent example of the kind of impact social worers have on an individual level.

2. Social Workers Are Taking On New Responsibilities

Social workers have more responsibilities than ever before. Part of their duties includes working on preventing issues, mostly through early interventions. New tasks and professions are now included in the field of social work and the traditional role of social workers is expanding.

A lot of social work students are finding new ways to make a difference with their training and are bringing skills from the business world and other industries into social work. If you have a unique idea on how to use your skills, obtaining your MSW could open up new doors for you and allow you to really make a difference. If you’re interested then read the reasons why you should become a social worker by Service Care Solutions.

3. This Is A Growing Field

The rate of jobs available in the social work field is increasing at a 19% rate each year. There is a strong need for social workers in every community and there is also a need for highly trained professionals as communities grow and as social workers take on more responsibilities. Besides, more social work jobs are becoming available in other fields such as public organizations and businesses. Social workers have access to many educational opportunities to gain more skills and get access to more advanced jobs.

4. Make A Difference In Others’ Lives

Malala Yusufzai

Even one person can make a difference. Malala

Individuals who live in poverty or who are at risk need help but often don’t have a voice. As a social worker, you role is to advocate for these people and make a difference in their lives. You will become the voice of these people and help them navigate the system to improve their lives.

Two students who graduated from the MSQ@USC program launched an initiative to help empower young people through entrepreneurship and music. This bridge program has helped many high school students get ready for college.

5. Social Work Will Change You

As a social worker, you will find that each case is unique. Each case has its set of challenges and you will have to adopt a different approach. This is a very rewarding field and even though it can be difficult from an emotional perspective, it will help you grow as a person and will allow you to do something that is meaningful.

Social work is a very interesting field because it allows you to make a real difference in others’ lives and because it is a field that is growing and changing at a fast pace. Obtaining your Master of Social Work will give you access to many career paths such as public policy, business and community activism.


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