Electro Cauterization of Skin Tags: Advantages and Disadvantages

Electro cauterization is a process in which an instrument is heated electrically and then applied to the skin tag to burn its cells. Unlike some natural treatmeent at home, the process is conducted by a qualified and trained health professional. It usually involves the following steps.

  1. The area is cleaned throughout
  2. The area is numbed by means of local anesthetic.
  3. The needle is heated and then put over the skin tag
  4. The contact of the needle with the tag burns its cell.
  5. The burnt cells are then removed from the area.
  6. Some doctors would like to send a specimen of the cells to the lab.
  7. A bandage is applied around the treated area.

I just recently came across a case in our school where a student was treated by his GP (General Practitioner). Upon inquiring, he told that the area was numbed by means of injecting anesthetics. During the treatment he did not feel the pain but was horrible after the numbness was gone. He was also prescribed some pain killers to ease the pain and anti-biotic to ward off any possible infection. The doctor also told the electro-cauterization did not guarantee the total – elimination of the tag and there were chances of coming it back. Do you want a natural alternative, check out this post!

When I researched it, I found that the method is not completely pain free. Also the healing process may take longer in some individuals and the chances of infection are there, too. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of electro-cauterization.


  1. Quick fix method. It is quick. A normal skin tags treatment takes around 20 minutes. So skin tags surgeryyou are tag free within 20 minutes.
  2. Less Expensive. It has been found that electro-cauterization is less expensive as compared to other surgical methods such as cryosurgery and laser therapy.
  3. One session is usually enough. In case of cryosurgery and laser therapy you may need to pay several visits to the clinic. On the other hand, in electro-cauterization, it is a one off thing in most cases.


  1. It is invasive.
  2. It is not pain free. It may be painful during and after the treatment. Post-treatment pain generally continues for a few days.
  3. Healing times. It takes less time to burn it but it takes a lot longer for the wound to heal. Also anti-biotic are no good for general health and immune system.
  4. No good for a large number. Although it is a quick method for a tag or two, but what if you have mor? Sometimes people may have, 5, 10, 20 or even more tags on their body. It will take a lot of time, money and effort to remove them this way. The post-treatment pain in this case is horrible.
  5. Leaves Scar. The method’s biggest disadvantage is that it may leave scars behind. So in fact, it is a replacement of tags with scars!

electro cauteryPrecautions

The method may not be suitable for certain patients such as those suffering from heart diseases and diabetes. It is important to tell your health professional if you have any medical conditions.

Some dermatologists may not be well-experienced enough to administer the treatment. It is, therefore, absolutely important to go for a well-known qualified and well trained dermatologist.

Although relatively cheaper, it may actually cost you a lot of money if you have a large number of tags on your body. Make sure that you check with your doctor about the cost and all possible options.

Personally, I do not like any surgical method of tag removal unless it is absolutely necessary. I removed a couple of mine using all natural and safe methods at home.

There are may over the counter creams available which are not only cheap comparatively but also safe and pain free. Some companies offer even money back guarantee in case the product does not work. So, if the cream or solution you buy is backed by such type of guarantee, you do not have to lose anything. For instance, Amolis guarantees its customers for 60 days to offer full refund with no question asked!

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