ECzema Behind Ears: How Did I Help My Daughters Get Rid of It Naturally

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Neither I remember, nor did my parents ever tell me that I had atopic eczema in my childhood. My wife, too, does not relate anything like that about herself. Yet, Hab, my daughter suffered from this horrible condition. She was born with eczema.

Our family doctors would always insist that it is genetic and either one of us or both of us (me and my wife) would have definitely transferred it genetically! When I remind them we never had it in our family, our doctor always negated it by simply saying “you never know”.
reat Eczema Symptoms Gently - Topical Homeopathic Eczema Remedy For All AgesNo point to debate on that. Her skin would be very dry, flaky and itching. Elbows, back of the neck, middle arms and her face were the places which affected by the condition. However, her real problem was the skin behind the ears.

The area behind her ears would turn red and because of excessive itching, it would even bleed. During high flare ups the line between her ears and head would look cracked. It would seem that with a little pull her ears would easily pull apart. For a parent, it was too hard to bear with that.

We have been using different pharmaceutical creams and ointment prescribed from time to time. Some of these creams did help to reduce the flare ups, but none of them effectively treated the conditions.  We even tried extra virgin olive oil. At one point, the doctor suggested antibiotic treatment as it could be fungal infection behind the ears. I would never agree putting my baby on antibiotics.
reat Eczema Symptoms Gently - Topical Homeopathic Eczema Remedy For All Ages
It would keep coming back unless I decided to do my own research and find something better.

I am not a big fan of old wives tale types of remedies, but I do believe in natural and scientifically proven homeopathic formulas.

But, I do not use any kind of remedy unless I am convinced that is natural, safe, tested and manufactured by reputable company.

While researching on the internet to find a better alternative for Hab’s condition –other than the one proposed by the doctors for years- I came across H-Eczema formula.

It grabbed my attention when it claimed that all its ingredients were natural and was perfect for any age including children and babies. After reading the ingredients, reviews of the past users, the manufacturer reliability, being FDA registered I wanted to give it a go.

At first I thought, it was a bit expensive for that price. However, I was found that I had nothing to lose as the product was guaranteed for 90 days. I thought that if it worked it would be a great discovery and relief to me and my little Hab. If it did not work, I will get the money back and continue my search for something else. I felt to be absolutely in a win win situation.

Although, I had assured myself of the product being one hundred percent natural and safe, I wanted to take an extra precautionary step. Before I clicked the add to cart button, I click the chat online button on their website. I chatted to a lady to ask several questions and eliminate any doubts and concerns.

The chat was so useful and the lady assured me that it was absolutely natural and safe for young children.

Long story short, I clicked the add to cart button. As I was now sure that I was backed by a 90 days money back guarantee, I upgraded to 33ml instead of 11ml to save myself a few dollars.

The package arrived in the post in three days and we started the application on the very first day. I would soak a small piece of cotton and then apply it gently on the eczema behind her ears. I repeated the application twice a day every day.

The itching symptoms were gone on the first day. She was not itching like crazy as she would do before.

After two weeks, her condition was so better. The redness and dryness was all gone. I could still see some very light and mild patches on the skin. After the third week, it was all clear.

It has been now six months and she still feels great. We still have some left in the last bottle.

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