Dr Marshall Bronstein 3 Minutes Workout for Neck Pain

This video shows Dr. Marshall Bronstein, from Florida, demonstrating some very simple techniques to help you reduce your neck pains tension. Dr Marshall says, these tips are especially very beneficial for those who are locked in postures for extended hours of time.

The muscles in arms, shoulders, hands and necks get stiffer due to remaining in on posture for a long time. This video is less than three minutes, yet if you follow the instructions, you may get tremendous results.

  1.  Roll Circle 10 times back and 10 times forward
  2.  Palms up in each direction 10 times.
  3. Scare Crow 10 times.
  4. Stretching for the neck.

If you are in trouble in getting the aligned, it might be because your neck muscles are tight and you may find it quite painful to move your neck.

  1. Put a little oil in your neck.
  2. Push your fingers from out to inside gently.
  3. Again push into the spine gently and turn your neck in the direction too.
  4. Don’t run over the bone to avoid hurting.

These are simple self adjusting techniques. Many people have found them to be great for reducing neck pain.

Useful tips

  1. Only do a bit at a time. There is no need to do it quickly. If doing it quickly hurts, do it slowly.
  2. Best thing to repeat 10 times. Again if you think 10 times are too much, start with a lower number and gradually increase.
  3. Don’t give up and keep up the little good work.
  4. Remember pain management or reduction is not a treatment. In order to get full benefits, add some extra stretching.
  5. Regular stretching reduces neck pain as well as helps eliminate the symptoms.

 Do these techniques help?

Of course these help if done correctly. Several people responded very positively to the video and appreciated it. Here is a comment recently published by one of the commentators.

“ I am a woman and 72 years. Too old to do any tough exercises. During my life, I had several operations and surgeries for injuries. My doctor has suggested me to do another surgery for should replacement. But, I am not ready for it. Too much is too much. I was lucky to come across this video. Although, my pain has not disappeared completely, I must confess that it is greatly reduced along areas of shoulders and neck. I am so thankful to you for posting this video.”

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