Causes and Top Treatments of Rosacea

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When tiny red bumps appeared on my face after my second child was born, I thought I was just suffering from acne. But I realized later that I was a bit too old to have them and when the red bumps did not leave white heads or black heads, I realized I was not suffering from acne. I visited a dermatologist and I was told I have rosacea, a facial skin condition that usually that is manifested by the appearance of red bumps or pustules, flushing, thickening of the veins beneath the facial skin, and in worse cases, enlargement and redness of the nose due to thickened tissues. For this, surgery might be necessary.

I personally tried H-Rosacea and it worked for me after going through all the earlier trial and errors.

What is Rosacea?

h-rosocea natural formulaRosacea is a kind of skin condition characterized by redness of the facial skin. Sometimes, it appears as if the person’s face and neck are flushed. The redness of the skin can last for a few hours to weeks.  During the time that the face is flushed, one can feel warmth spreading through the entire area. In some cases, rosacea manifests itself as pustules or bumps that look like acne or pimples. The veins under the facial skin may thicken, resulting to redness and enlargement of the nose. When left untreated, rosacea can cause disfigurement of the skin, which can be embarrassing.

Possible Causes of Rosacea

Real causes of rosacea have never been known but what triggers it has already been identified.  The following are the most commonly known that may cause the appearance of rosacea.

  • Spicy foods are known to cause rosacea flare-ups and eating spicy foods should be avoided especially if you have been showing signs of rosacea. Black pepper, red pepper, and paprika are examples of spicy foods that can trigger rosacea.
  • Exposure to the sun can cause the veins beneath the facial skin to dilate. This results to an increased blood flow, resulting to redness of the skin. If ever you cannot avoid spending time under the sun, use wide brimmed hats to protect your face. Using sun block and other products that screen the skin from the harsh sunlight.
  • Stress can cause a person’s blood flow to increase and if you already have rosacea, it will flare up when this happens. To prevent your skin condition from getting worse, you have to avoid being stressed as much as possible. Managing your stress properly can also be of great help.
  • Exercise is always recommended for good health but people suffering from rosacea symptoms are advised minimize it. Exercising inside a gym is better than exercising under the sun because temperature inside is low. Blood flow to the veins especially those beneath the facial skin are regulated. If there is no gym in your area, you can exercise indoors but if you want to do it outdoors, you can do it early in the morning before the sun is up or late in the afternoon, when the sun is about to set.
  • Alcohol is one substance that is known to worsen rosacea. Using facial toners and moisturizers with alcohol content is sure to cause redness of your face. You have noticed people becoming red on the face and the neck after drinking alcoholic beverages. The redness is actually rosacea making its appearance. Red wine, vodka, gin, or whisky can cause flushed face and neck
  • Hot beverages are also known to cause the face to grow red. Hot drinks, when ingested; cause the expansion of the blood vessels. Once they dilate, bigger amount of blood can flow through them and this causes the redness beneath the skin. If have been worried by red pustules appearing on your face, red and enlarged nose, as well as flushed skin in the face and neck, stick to lukewarm or cold drinks only.
  • Cosmetics can e used to cover up skin imperfections caused by thickened blood vessels on the face but if they contain ingredients that are known to trigger rosacea, then, they should be avoided. If the cosmetics have ingredients such as alcohol, menthol, and eucalyptus, avoid them as much as possible.
  • Heat during summer can cause your skin problem to become worse. So during summer, keep temperature inside your home cool by having air conditioners or by opening the windows.
  • While hot weather can trigger rosacea, so can cold weather. Protect yourself from the cold wind of winter by covering your face with mask. However, make sure to use soft and smooth fabric because rough material can irritate your skin.

It is important for you to know the things that can cause rosacea flare up. Every time you experience adverse reaction, take note of what caused it so that you can avoid them in the future.

Treatment of Rosacea

There are some medicines that doctors prescribe to control rosacea. These include pills, creams, moisturizers, and laser treatments. The type of treatment depends on the nature of the skin problem. For red bumps or pustules, antibiotic pills are recommended. Creams that contain azelaic acid are also recommended.

For veins that have thickened beneath the skin of the face, laser treatment can be used. In instances where the eyes also suffer from redness, eye drops can be used.  For too much redness and swelling of tissues on the nose and face, cosmetic surgery is recommended.

In my case, my rosacea was still at an early stage and after following this natural recommendations, my face has returned to its usual color and texture. But still, I am very careful with my face.  I avoid touching my skin as much as possible.  I go to the gym for my daily exercise and avoid alcoholic drinks. Some days are stressful but I try to maintain a positive outlook and a cheerful disposition. Thankfully, it had been months since I got the clear skin that is the envy of my friends.

By understanding rosacea and avoiding things that trigger it, I successfully controlled my skin problem and went on to live a happy life free from skin conditions.

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