Can Skin Tags be Cancerous or Dangerous?

Cancer and diabetes

These are tags or bits of flesh attached to the skin. Sometimes they look like raisin or dried grapes hanging off the skin. They are formed because of the layers of the skin, friction, heat and moisture. The most common parts of the body where these bits grow are eyelids, groins, armpits, under the breasts, neck, forearms, genital parts. They can appear on any part of the body if there is friction due to skin layers and moisture.

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They grow both on men and women but generally more on women than men. Middle age is their favorite time to appear and stay forever unless treated. Some people report to that they disappear when you are roughly above 60.

Medically they are called acrochordons. They can be smaller like very small grains or can be large enough like the size of a grape. They can be narrow, ball shaped or oval shaped.

Are They Cancerous?

Break Through Skin Tag Removal ProductCancerous tumors can grow on the skin which may look like skin tags. The ones which are so common are obviously non-cancerous. No relationship has been established scientifically between cancer and skin tags. Some sources do mention relation between polyps and tags on the skin which is not supported by any sound evidence.

It is also suggested that if they grow suddenly in large number all over the body, it may indicate signs of diabetes or other medical conditions.

If the tags bleed, itch, irritate or are inflammatory, then it may indicate a medical condition including cancer and diabetes. It is, therefore, important to see qualified health professional in case of the following symptoms of skin tags.

  • They are bigger in size than a pencil eraser.
  • They bleed suddenly without any squeezing.
  • They change in color and shape.
  • They become itchy, inflammatory, irritating and painful.
  • They grow in large number.
  • They suddenly appear.

For the most part they are benign and many people have them without any problem. Some people have a couple throughout their lives without realizing it. If you had them for a while without any problem you may leave them alone. If you find them embarrassing, there are ways to treat and cure them. If you find them painful or doubt them to be something other than the harmless fleshy tags, then you must consult your doctor for right and proper diagnosis.

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