Can Black Seed Cure AIDS?

AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. It is also called HIV which means human immune deficiency virus.

Aids is a disease while HIV is the name of the virus causing this disease. As the name indicates, the diseases makes the immune system deficient in its capability to fight against bacteria and viruses.

So, when one catches HIV and gets AIDS, the body natural defense mechanism is weakened and loses the capability to perform its functions properly.

The body resistance power is not able to maintain against the enemies and thus the person easily falls ill.

The infections avail the opportunity of the weaker security force and thus launch their attack. These infections are also known as opportunistic infections or Ols.

According to, HIV virus is just like any other viruses such as the one that causes flu or even the common cold.

But the important difference is that the immune system wins against other viruses and thus gets the body rid off them.

However, in case of HIV, the immune system is unable to do so. Why? Scientists have yet to figure it out.

The first AIDS case is said to have been identified in 1981. After that, it has spread worldwide and is engulfing other parts like epidemic.

The most hit areas are the Western African countries. WHO estimates that in some parts of the African countries more than 33% people are infected with HIV.

It can be transferred through sexual intercourse, blood transfusion, sharing inject-able drugs, dirty needles and other equipments such as used for body piercing.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are around 0.9 million cases of HIV in the United States.

The number of people infected by HIV is around 91,000 in the UK. According to another estimate there  are 33 million people infected by HIV worldwide.

According to medical science there is no cure for AIDS. The treatment available is through medication which may effectively fight against HIV and its complications.

Such treatments try to keep the immunity system healthy. However, these treatments cannot completely get rid the body off HIV.

Once diagnosed and treated effectively, it may prolong the life for sometime.

The Role of Black Seed in Fighting HIV

Black seed is a seed by the flowering herb called Nigella Sativa. It is called black simply because it is dark black in color.

It is known in English by many names such as black cumin, nutmeg flower, black caraway, fennel flower and Nigella Sativa.

In Urdu, Hindi and many other languages spoken in Asia it is called Kalanoji while in Arabic it is called Habba al-barakah which means the blessed seed.

Muslims believe that it cures any disease except death. The belief comes from the fact that Prophet (Peace be upon him said) in a hadeeth related in Bukhari.

“Narrated Abu Hurairah ” I heard Allah’s Apostle saying “Use this Black seed; it has a cure for every disease except death.” (Sahih Bukhari)

 Every disease of course includes AIDS.

What does research say?

Several studies have concluded that black seed boosts the general immunity system.

Dr Haq of Medical Research Center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia conducted a study on volunteers in which he found that black seed enhanced the ratio between helper T Cells and suppressor T cells by 55 and 30.

The study shows further investigation may reveal certain components in black seed which may play a useful role in treating diseases like AIDS.

Dr. Ahmed El Qadi & Dr. Usama Qandil conducted a study to investigate the effects of black seed on the immunity system.

27 volunteers were given 2 grams of black seed daily which showed a positive effect on the ratio of Th and Ts.

The investigator concluded that black seed was a natural stimulant of immunity and could play a vital role in the treatment of cancer, AIDS and other diseases due to immune deficiency.

Muslims out-rightly beleive that it can cure AIDS because of the saying of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

It is an article of faith in Islam to believe that the Prophet (peace be upon him) never lied. In fact, he did not speak of his own self.

What he spoke was either revealed to him or was inspired by God. People at the other end of the spectrum argue that if it can be so effective why are scientists not investigating it?

In alternative therapies, it is a known fact that many effective solutions have not been verified by science.

Science believes in proof, evidence and research. Unless, it carries a solid comprehensive research to prove its point, it does not believe.

However, scientific evidence is not the only evidence.

For instance, people in the medical profession do not believe that eating local honey can prove effective against allergies, or that bee stings or venom therapy have any scientific basis.

But there are scores of people who have been well treated by such natural remedies. The same is true of many other conditions.

The immunity system directly or indirectly affects the bodily system. Just like any disturbance in the body, AIDS is an immunity disturbance.

It is a condition in which the immunity system becomes deficient in fighting against diseases.

It loses it defense capability of fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi. The stronger this defense system is, the easier it is for the body to fight against disease. Black seed enhances both the immunity system and its functions.

Some quarters suggest those suffering from AIDS/HIV should try black seed or its oil as there is no harm in trying it in moderation.

They think it takes around 3 months to show results. We also need to keep in mind that anything which is used as medicinal treatment may treat some and not others.

Because it is God who blesses the material things with curing properties.

Many times, we find people taking conventional medicines scientifically proved for certain conditions do not work, while the same medication works for others.


Because, the ultimate power to cure some body lies with God. So, what works or does not work depends on the Will of God.

If black seed does not work for somebody to cure a condition, it does not mean that the seed has no medicinal properties. It simply means, God intends otherwise for that individual (for greater good).

Warning 1

Nothing in this article replaces advice of your qualified health professional. Please always seek your doctor’s advice before taking any remedies.

Warning 2

We have seen some people leaving comments about fake claims and fake doctors name persuading people to contact them. Please note that there are many scams operating around the internet regarding such claims. Do not get in touch with such people and seek medical advice from your own doctor you are registered with.

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