Bee Pollen Works as a Magic Bullet against Hay Fever

How to stop hay fever

Why Does Airborne Pollen Cause Allergy?

The airborne pollen may cause allergic reaction in many people in the form of hayfever, sneezes, wheezes, itchy and watery eyes, runny noses, headaches and even sore throat. Once the airborne pollen is in contact with the body, it reacts and releases histamines. The reason behind this reaction is that the body is confused and mistakes the pollen for foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses. In order to cope with the situation, the body reacts by releasing histamines which causes hayfever and other related symptoms.

 How Does Bee Pollen Works to Prevent Hayfever?

Bee pollen is the magic bullet in honey that shots dead all kinds of allergy arising from airborne pollen. How does  pollen works against pollen? The airborne pollen causes reactions of the body in the form of allergies, swollen eyes, runny nose, sneezes and wheezes. But the pollen in honey works in a different way. It is collected by the worker bee and is coated with nectar and sap from flowers and plants. It is also combined with the bee’s saliva and many other natural secretions. All this make it anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. The common allergens desensitize the body to ease the reaction and reverts the body back to normal.

How to Take Bee Pollen?

1.     Raw or Unfiltered Honey

Processed and over filtered honey does not contain bee pollen. It is therefore vital to take only raw, unprocessed and unfiltered honey. Honey sold in the health food shop should bear the label accordingly. An easier way to identify is to look for jars which appear cloudy near the opening. Do not mistake crystallization for cloudiness.

2.     Pollen Grains or Powder

Pollen can also be taken in the form of pollen grains which is sold by health food shops in jars. Depending on the condition, one to three spoons a day is enough to prevent the symptoms.

3.     Pollen Capsules

It is also available in capsule form which is easier to carry along. Capsules are also easier to take.

4.     Mix it in Water or Juice

Bee pollen can also be dissolved in water, juice or your favorite smoothie. Add a tablespoon of granules or powder in glass of drink and enjoy.

5.     Sprinkle on Food

You can also eat bee pollen by sprinkling or mixing with other food. Mixing it with yoghurt is a great tasty way of consuming this healthy food. Another way is to sprinkle on cereals. Try it in different ways and stick to the one you like most.

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