Acupressure and Interstitial Cystitis: Alternative Treatment

There are so many aspects to living with pain that we don’t really understand. We want to know why the pain exists and what causes it. We want to understand where the pain derives from, and also what is contributing to it.

For the patients that can suffer from any number of health conditions and who experience pain each and every day, getting in touch with and learning to control that pain can be instrumental in moving forward with their life.

There are some ways that can help to educate you, and then there are some things that you must try on your own if you want to truly take control over the process once and for all.

Many people find that turning to medication works for them, and this is fine to a certain extent. You may take medication to manage your pain level with any health condition for years, but there may come a time when you get tired of this.

First and foremost it’s hard to remember to take medicine every day and you often get into a rut with it. You may find that you are tired of having the pain just coated by medication, when really you want to make it go away and not just mask it. This is a cycle that so many people go through, and such is the case for patients who suffer from the pain and focal pointdiscomfort associated with interstitial cystitis.

Medicine Can Help But You Will Find That a More Natural Approach Can Work To Your Favor

This is often a misunderstood and misdiagnosed type of medical condition, and therefore it can be quite frustrating overall. You want to get to a point where you understand it and then you can learn to manage it. Though there are medications out there, they are usually intended for bladder infections.

Many patients with this condition are often misdiagnosed with this as their problem, when really this is not the case. In addition you may help to temporarily solve the problem, but really there is much more to the story and this is where turning to natural cures can be instrumental to helping the patient.

This Natural Approach Can Help You In The Short Term and The Long Term As Well

Acupressure is a wonderful holistic health tactic that helps by putting the right amount of pressure through massage and varying touches to the affected area. This often goes hand in hand with acupuncture and even with therapeutic massage. This is something that must be done by a specialist or at least an education on reflexology and acupressure must be present.

When it comes to helping with interstitial cystitis specifically, this can be of great help if you know what you are doing and you utilize this strategy in the right way. This can help with the temporary pain and may also help you to work through flare ups in a really efficient way.

Though medications may have helped you to this point, you will get much more long term and manageable help through acupressure and acupuncture as well. This may be the start of turning to holistic medicine and may help you throughout your entire life if you get used to it and find the many benefits to hold true for you!

Though you may learn about the appropriate acupressure points specifically, you want to start out slowly. Yes placing the right amount of pressure in the right places is what it’s all about, but try to get training first from a professional with experience in this area. You will focus a lot of your efforts on the abdomen, but you will also use pressure points in the feet and the hands.

The idea behind acupressure with everything including a condition such as interstitial cystitis is to relax the body and help the toxins to work their way out. You are ushering them out with the right amount of pressure, but the placement will be key to the success of this.

When you go in with a trained professional for acupuncture you want to ensure that this is also accompanied by acupressure, as the two truly do go hand in hand.

You are going to have the needles placed in the right zones with acupuncture. Then the gentle massage and appropriate pressure in the right spots will help to push the toxins out additionally—and this will all ensure long term pain relief!

You Are Focusing Concentrated Efforts On Just the Right Spots In The Body

This is not like a massage though there are some similarities between the process. You are helping to push out the source of the pain through acupressure, and that’s an important distinction.

To get the most out of this you are going to want to accompany it with a healthy lifestyle and other holistic methods to make the most out of it. You will find that acupressure and acupuncture go hand in hand, but it goes even further than that. Even turning to natural and therapeutic massage and exercise can help to keep the body and the mind healthy.

That’s the crux of the solution here, that you are getting the body and the mind working together in harmony. The only way to ensure that acupressure will work for a condition such as interstitial cystitis is to let your mind take over from here.

You want to let these pressure points be pushed on in just the right way to release the toxins which lead to the problem in the first place. Pain always derives from something happening in the body or some trauma, and you will find that when you get into the heart of this you will manage interstitial cystitis and heal yourself from the inside out which is the whole reason you turn to this in the first place.

Though many have turned to medication for years, these ancient forms of Chinese medicine are even more powerful. You can learn to perform acupressure yourself but be sure that you begin with getting the right training that you need and being open minded to a process that can offer you great help moving forward.

Acupressure can be a wonderful way to manage your physical symptoms, and this can offer great hope to those that suffer with the pain and discomfort of interstitial cystitis each and every day.

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