+50 million people...

That’s the number of people who are affected by some form of allergy in the Unites States. Many likely dreading that certain time of year or are fearful of eating out with friends. Many others go about their days in poor health because of allergies and don’t even realize…


Why settle for just weal and woe?


Peashealth was created with vitality in mind for those with suffering with various allergies, as well as sensitivities and autoimmune disorders. We all want to enjoy a fulfilling life, but living with medical conditions can be overwhelming.

Peashealth was designed as a hub for your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual well-being. The mission is for you to take back control of how you live and grow together in this effort.

If you’re tired of  allergies ruling your life, then peashealth is your guide.

Welcome aboard this journey!

- About the Author -

Who is behind “peashealth?”


-Tyson Truedell-

Tyson Truedell still retains not-so-fond memories of scattered eczema, redden eyes in May, and daily Nebulizer treatments of his youth.

Although not as severe, he still carries those experiences with him in his mission in helping others with similar experiences.

A forthcoming, graduate student, Tyson Truedell has the research experience and dedication to provide research-backed tips and guides so that you can live your happiest, healthiest life.