+50 million people…

That’s the number of people who are affected by some form of allergy in the Unites States. Whether it is seasonal dread or fear of eating out, daily life can feel like a pain. It doesn’t help that toxins and stressing out over those allergies makes everything worse. Life is too short to settle for this kind of cycle.

Why settle for just less?

Peashealth was created for those with allergies and immune concerns, along with those that need a lifestyle change. Whether its annoying to overwhelming, we will show how to handle symptoms and handle life as a whole. We all want certain piece of mind., but we want also want competent answers.

Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual well-being is a focus when giving these answers, supported by reliable science and an community support. 

If you’re tired of not having a strong hold on health, then peashealth is your guide.

Welcome aboard this journey!

– About the Author –

Who is behind “peashealth?”


-Tyson Truedell-

I did not have the healthiest childhood. Years of eczema, itchy eyes, and daily breathing treatments made being a kid an agony. Overtime, I did notice that my symptoms became more manageable — with most eventually going away.

But why though? I prefer certainty, and my aim is to better understand allergies and how to take more control of life. If I can make the road easier for others by sharing what I know and discover, then we all grow together..