A Fat Torching Plan on How to Lose Weight Fast in 2 Weeks with Guaranteed Results

how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks

Are you worried about an oncoming occasion that you will feel embarrassed by your body size and shape? It may be either a wedding, a birthday party, a graduation ceremony or just a social occasion. The nearer it draws your negative thoughts bother you about your weight and shape.

You do not need to worry. Instead you need to take some action and make the worrisome occasion in to the most pleasant one by following a few steps that will help you drop pounds and lose inches in just two weeks’ time.

how to get flat abs“…but crash diet is no good” I hear you say. Yes, you are right. I am not in favour of crash, intense, excessive and extreme diets.

To lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks is not an extreme or crash diet. And, then when you take a safe and natural route, it is safer and even more enjoyable.

By taking some simple steps, you can set your body fat on fire and reduce dress size by inches in a matter of 10 to 15 days.

1. Drink Water

I hope you heard about “the 8 glasses of water” minimum a day. I perfectly agree water can a play significant role in your fat loss plan. From 8 to 12 glasses of water a day is a surefire way to burn your excess fat and reduce your size by inches.

Substitute your juice, drink or beer with water. All these other drinks contain calories and some of them contain a pretty high amount of sugar. Water, on the other hand, contains zero calories. Moreover, it flushes the system out and thus paves the way for weight loss.

Remember that the actual amount of water intake shall depend upon your activity and the intensity of the heat around you i.e. weather. If you are passive and the weather is cold, 8 glasses will do the job. However, if you it is hot and you’re super active, you may need more than that.

The goal is keep yourself hydrated well.

2. Go Brown

If you love rice or bread, do not eat the white version. Instead go for the brown type. White rice or bread is highly processed and refined and devoid of fibre as well as beneficial micro nutrients.

On other hand, brownies contain fibre and nutrients that are beneficial for health.

Dietary fibre helps your body burn more fat. According to Dr Joanne Salvin, PhD and professor in the University of Minnesota, studies show that people who ate food that contain high dietary fibre lost more weight than those who consumed food with less fibre.

3. Eliminate the Number One Enemy i.e. Sugar

300x250-VenusFactor-1022Friends and foes agree that sugar is the number one enemy of your slim body. Apart from several other health hazards, sugar slows digestive system, negatively affects metabolism and makes the body gain more weight.

Sugar contains 50% fructose which converts food into fats. Indeed it has been labelled as sweet poison, deadly addictive and toxic substance.

Sugar has a powerful effect on liver. It is addictive in nature and some people, despite getting negative health effects, would find it very hard to resist the craving and quit sugar.

If you are unable to quit sugar altogether, do not worry. There are two options that you can take to help you fight against your craving for sugar. One is to cut down and eliminate it slowly. This is easy as the body adjusts itself on a regular basis without any strong cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

The second option is to replace sugar with organic and raw honey.

4. Push ups

A set of 3 with 10 push each is day not a big deal. It takes only a minute or so to do 30 push ups. Now, I know that these push ups alone will not let you lose enough weight, but they will contribute to your total fat loss by making your muscles strong. When you have more muscles, your metabolism is stronger and you burn more calories.

Combining push ups with some cardio vascular or any other type of good exercise will definitely help you achieve your goal faster.

5. Make a commitment

This is, perhaps, the No 1 reason that most people fail on their weight loss plan. As some people think no weight loss plan or a diet plan works, fitness expert believe that almost any good plan works only if you are committed towards your goals.

Most people start some sort of diet plan and then abandons before they see any considerable results. Permanent weight loss takes some effort and time. It needs commitment and may even require you to make some life style changes.

6. Try This Gold Remedy

This is a very simple, easy and great remedy. You do not need to go through complicated steps.

You do not read long books and lengthy reports or guides. The results are guaranteed. Click here for more information.

7. Go Raw

Eating raw has so many amazing health benefits and weight loss is among one of the tons of benefits.

Please note that raw does not mean eating raw meat and fish. By going raw I mean to eat fruit and vegetables only.

Some people adapt raw diet life style. I am not a big fan of going raw permanently. A few weeks is more than enough to cleanse your system and reap some of the amazing health benefits of eating a lot of organic vegetables and fruits.

8. Cleanse Your Liver

Dr Charles Livingston, who is the author of the popular Fat Loss Factor program advises to cleanse you liver before you take on any diet plan.

Cleansing the liver enables the whole system to function properly and eliminate excess water.

Dr Charles Livingston has a very detailed guide on how to use lemon water and B grade maple syrup to cleanse your liver and get super-fast results. Click here to learn more above Dr Charles Livingston advice.

9. Do not Commiserate, Celebrate

One of the best ways to stick to any diet plan is stop commiserating. Instead start celebrating. Whenever an idea of craving junk food or any other idea that will side track you comes into your mind, stop commiserating. Start thinking of the great results you will achieve.

Think that you have done a really wonderful job so far and those days are not far when you will see yourself in the perfect shape. Think of all those possible pleasures you will achieve once you get to your desired weight.

Allen Carr’s Easy Ways to Stop Smoking works mainly on this one principle. i.e. don’t commiserate, celebrate.

10. Think Thin

In his popular book, I Can Make You Thin, Paul McKenna, advises to think like a thin person.

If you think like an overweight person, you adding more weight to your body. Think and act like a thin person. It helps without you realising it.

11. Stick to a Fat Loss System

Do not get confused by so many diet plans over there. Obviously, some of these diet plans are just hypes and fads. Stick to the one which are more popular and used by many people. If so many people use a particular diet plan and it works for them, it should work for you, too.

For men the best program is the Fat Loss Factor program.

Women may check out the Venus factors. Infect, millions of people visit the Venus factor diet plan site each month. Click here to see more information.

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