sleepless manYou’re laying in bed trying to go to sleep so that you can get up early for work in the morning, but the sandman just won’t pay you a visit. It’s a frustrating feeling, not being able to go to sleep, and if its not managed, it will slowly start to eat away at you. You look at the clock; in two hours you have to wake up. Another workday greets you and you had nowhere near the right amount of sleep to go about your day like a normal human. Struggling with insomnia is one of the hardest mental challenges humans have to face.

The average grown adult needs about 6 to 9 hours of solid rest every night. Not knowing if you are ever going to get a good night’s rest, and spending your nights tossing and turning and endlessly stressing out is no way to live. Luckily there are a lot of in home remedies that simplify the task of getting a good night’s sleep and you can put most of them to use right now.

10 -5 HTP

There are a lot of supplements that help to put your body to rest. 5 HTP is available over the counter and raised that amount of tryptophan being developed in your body. As low as one hundred milligrams of 5 HTP was enough to provide most insomniac patients in a sturdy with the ability to sleep longer and better than usual.

9. Valerian

Valerian is a flowering plant that plays various roles in homeopathic cures. Valerian root helps to produce a sedative feeling in the body and therefore is used to help people fall asleep. Valerian is sold over the counter in supplemental form and can be taken as a capsule.
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8. Chamomile

Chamomile tea has been used for ages as an anxiolytic. This natural tea can be sipped before going to sleep in order to ensure a good night’s rest. The active ingredients in chamomile help to cure everything from insomnia to digestive disorders. Consider drinking a cup of chamomile tea an hour or so before bedtime in order to get some much needed rest.

7. A Warm Bath

That’s right people, something as simple as a warm bath can have anti-insomnia qualities to it. About and hour or two before laying down to go to sleep draw yourself a bath with some nice smelling salts or incense burning. The release of tension will allow you to relax and prep your body for the night of solid sleep that will come to follow.

6. A light snack

While it isn’t wise to overload yourself on food before going to sleep, a light snack might be in order to nurture your appetite. A simple snack like toast and butter can help to easy the stomach, mind, and the rest of the body into a peaceful slumber. Also the age-old ritual of a glass of warm milk has been shown to increase the drowsiness in even the most giddy of insomniacs. Maybe mom was right all these years.

5. Magnesium

Magnesium comes in capsule form and helps to encourage a good night sleep for even the most stubborn insomniac. It does this by assisting the decrease in cortisol, also known as the hormone responsible for stress. Magnesium is great for making you feel uplifted and ready to decompress after a hard day’s work.

4. Lavender

The aroma of lavender helps to relax your body. Try letting a few leaves of lavender float in your bath or go to the store and purchase lavender oil to apply to your skin. People have even been known to keep lavender under their pillows at night in order to help them fall asleep and to ward off demons in some cultures.

3. Refrain from electronics

Refraining from using electronics an hour or two before going to sleep can help you to feel more rested whenever you choose to lay down. In this day and age it’s hard to quit looking at your Iphone or laptop before falling asleep, most people even keep their phones directly next to their head while sleeping. Studies have shown that the bright white and blue lights that your phone gives off can cause your mind to assume that it is daytime and because of this stop producing melatonin in the body. Most phones at this point have an option that allows you to switch to less harsh yellow and orange lights at night. There are also various apps that achieve this lighting that you can download both on your phone and your home computer.

2. Melatonin

Melatonin is an endogenous chemical that’s main role is regulating the night and day cycles in your body. A higher production of melatonin allows the body to prepare for sleep whereas exposure to light and other alarming stimuli can decrease the melatonin production in your body and cause you to stay awake. If you are having a hard time falling asleep your body may not be producing enough melatonin on its own. You can purchase melatonin supplements at most grocery and drug stores for a fairly cheap price. Melatonin capsules are good for reacquainting your body with a regular sleep pattern, beware that they don’t work on everyone the same way.

1.. H-Insomnia Formula

This a homeopathic formula  by Healing Natural Oils is made of all natural and herbal elements. Just a dab on the forehead can let you fall asleep without any effort. No drinks, no boling water, no teas etc. You don’t have to wait for days to see results. Within 30 minutes of the first application you will see clear and definte results. The formula is manufactured in the USA under GMP facilitiy and is listed by FDA.

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Hopefully reading this article has gotten you to the point where you can fall asleep easily. Wait, I mean, I hope this article was entertaining and informative enough to help you fall asleep, but not make you fall asleep. If your insomnia persists past these simple home remedies then it might be time to visit a doctor. There is only so much you can do to treat insomnia on your own and if it is starting to have a negative effect on your life then you should consider seeking professional help. Working with your daily routine and finding the patterns that work for you is important in staying on top as far as your insomnia is concerned. Good luck to all the sleepy people out there who can’t seem to get a goodnight’s rest.

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