7 Worst Things to Avoid if You Have a Jock Itch

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Jock itch does not pose any serious health threat, but it is embarrassing and irritating. The itchy and inflammatory infection is often very difficult to bear with. Because of its itchy nature, you will want to scratch even when you are in the public. The mostly commonly affected area are the groins which adds salt to the injury of embarrassment.

You may like to use some over the counter creams for the treatment of jock itch, the following 7 things are the worst thing you should be doing while having a jock itch.

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1. Do Not Use Soaps and Liquids Containing Chemicals

natural cure for jock itchMany soaps contains harsh ingredients which can strip the skin to its natural moisture.

Although, washing, cleaning and drying the jock itch helps in healing, washing it with soaps containing chemicals can make things worse.

Poor quality soaps which are produced on mass market basis contains free alkali which makes harsh and drying.

Most bar soaps contains agents like SLS which is not gentle on the skin.

According to Learning and Yearning.com, lye is another chemical that is found in soap which can cause serious damage to skin.

Instead use organic and herbal soap containing natural ingredients.

2. Avoid Sharing Personal Items

Jock itch is highly contagious and can spread from one part of the body to the other and from one person to another.

If you are living with others, make sure you do not share your towels, soaps and other personal items.

In case you have athlete’s foot, make sure that it does not spread to other parts of the body. The bacteria from athlete’s food can easily be carried over to other parts such as groins and thighs which may cause jock itch.

3. Avoid Tight Fits

Under wear garments which are too tight rubs against the affected area and hence making it more inflammatory.

Tight garments also make the area more moist making it bacterial friendly.

Wearing boxer shorts made of cotton is a great way to keep the area dry and ventilated.

4. Avoid Drying from Feet Upward

There are high chances that your feet attract some bacteria especially after shower. If you start drying yourself from feet upward, you may take the bacteria to the upper sections such as thighs and groins.

Start drying yourself from your head and work downward. It is also best to use soft disposable tissue paper for your groins and feet instead of using your usual towel.

5. Avoid Creams That Contains Harmful Substances

There are thousands of products available over the counter. Read the labels and the list of ingredients. Use products which are herbal or organic and do not contain harmful substances.

If you take antifungals orally then they may cause swelling for the face, neck and tongue. According to NHS UK, oral antifungals can also cause liver damage.

According to Drugs.com clotrimazole cream can cause mild vaginal burning, irritation and itching.

6. Avoid Certain Foods

Certain foods are said to have adverse effect on jock itch. These include wheat, mushrooms, sweets, dried fruit and chocolate.

7. Do Not Miss Your Cream Application

Once you apply the cream to the affected area, make sure that you apply it regularly without missing any application.

Read the labels and follow the manufacturer’s instruction.

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