7 Home Remedies to Help You Eliminate Unbearable Rectal Fissures Pain

People who suffer from anal fissures describe the pain as unbearable, excruciating and killing. There is no doubt that rectal fissures cause an intense amount of pain especially during and after passing bowels. The pain is also accompanied by other conditions such as itching, inflammation and bleeding.h-fissure homeopathic formula

Here are some measure which if stick to can greatly help reduce the intensity of pain and even heal the fissures in a few weeks time.

 1. High Fibre Diet

Eating a good amount of dietary fibre is sure-fire way to make the bowel soft. It is essential to eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. Apart from the digestive benefits of fibre, you will also get a ton of other benefits from eating fresh fruit and veg.

You may also try using some fibre supplement to make up for any deficient.

2. Breakfast

CerealsDoctors, nutritionists, and dietician equally agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It boosts the energy levels and reduces the amount of stress.

Eating healthy breakfast is a great step to eliminate constipation. It is best to avoid sugar and sugary foods. If you cannot do without sugar, try good organic and raw honey on a toast with warm tea. Use brown bread or cereals rich in fibre. Beware of the many cereals products that contains high amount of sugar.

3. Castor Oil and Milk

You can use laxatives such as lactulose to keep your bowel movements regular. Castor Oil and milk mixture is a great natural laxative. Mix one teaspoon of castor oil in a glass of milk and drink warm before going to bed.

4. Plenty of Water

drink more waterMake sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water. It is important to note that the amount of water you drink depends upon your level of activity and weather. Eight glasses a day is minimum. If you life style is physically demanding and the weather of your location is hot, you may need to drink even more. The goal is to keep yourself well-hydrated.

5. Lubricate the Canal Before and After

Apply petroleum jelly or coconut oil to your anal area. It will keep the area lubricated so you can pass the bowel more easily. It is also reported that the application of coconut oil gives a soothing effect.

6. Ice Packs

If the fissure is external i.e. around the opening line of the anus, you may put small ice pack on the area to get some relief. This cold therapy makes the fissures numb and reduces pain, itching and inflammation.

7. Over the Counter Medication

There is nothing wrong trying a good quality over the counter medication. Sometimes, simply an applying an OTC works wonder by healing the tear and you can save yourself from embarrassment. You may consider the following self-help medication to be used at home.


It is a natural product containing natural ingredients for the cure of constipation and IBS. It naturally cleanses the system and keeps the bowel soft. It helps in reducing the pain during bowel movements. By treating constipation it also helps to avoid any recurring fissures.

Clikc here for more information.

H-Fissure Homeopathic Formula

This is a homeopathic oil which is applied the anal cuts. It contains only natural ingredients and is approved by FDA. It is generally believed that homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects. H-fissure is available with Amoils.com here.

The combination of the above products may help you fight the tears both internally and externally.


Toccara says:

I tried Anoheal and Trinitrate. The problem with these creams is they make me so sore and my problems even gets worse. I am a fan of healthy diet and eat fruit and vegetables most of the time. I am not a vegetarian, though.

Although, my diet is pretty much healthy, I still get fissures. If Eat pain killers I get constipated.

My docs always insist to include more fruit and veg!+

Calvin says:

I read it on a website that if you inject olive oil into your anus with a small syringe before going to sleep, it works for anal fissures. The pain feels better and the healing starts.

Lamont says:

I did not use the syringe to inject olive oil but I would dip a cotton ball in extra virgin olive oil and then put the small cotton ball between my buttocks.

I did it for around 10 days. The cotton ball would stay in without falling. But, it did not work.

Tesha says:

I had them for the last 7 months. I had several pains from different conditions in my life. I had ear ache, stomach ache, broken bone, tooth ache etc. But the pain I suffered from anal fissures is the worst of all. Yes, the worst of all.

I would literally scream. I was going into depression. I feared I might fall into clinical depression.

I was operated by a surgeon under general anaesthesia. After the initial few days pain and discomfort, all is good now. I would recommend try to speak to a surgeon who specialises and knows the job well.

Greg says:

I live in the UK and it takes too long to be referred to a specialist.

Those who live in the UK know that you have to go to you GP several time before you get a chance to see a specialists. It, sometimes, takes years. When I was suffering from an over active bladder and interstitial cystitis, it took me 21 months to get a specialist. The only advice I got was that they will put me on some medication and see me in six months’ time again.

I hate this system. Anyway, I had to beg to my GP literally for referring me to the specialist. It took me six months to get there despite begging.

To cut the long story short, the surgeon saw me and agreed that my anal fissures were verse and I need an operation. After all the pre-operative procedure was done, they did it.

The first week was very painful. But then all was ok. It has been two years now. Everything looks perfect.

Cindy says:

I wound not go for operation. There are some natural remedies that work. Homeopathic medicine is the best option.

Remember Homeopathic is natural but it takes longer to work. So you need to be patient.

Nanette says:

I have used creams and oil from my local homeopath. These are a little bit expensive, but they work.

Reuben says:

Thanks for the post and all the comments. I had them for the past 9 months. I was operated under general anaesthetic and the surgeon said there were a few anal fissures.

I did not get any relief from the surgery apart from all the trauma I had to go.

I will try some of the steps mentioned here and definitely report back.

Thanks again.

Boyd says:

This article is a load of shit.. Nothing useful..

Vicente says:

I had them for the last two years. Bleeding almost every day. There is a lot of itching and inflammation and the pain is excruciating. I tried and cream Botox injections but did not work. I underwent a surgery but my pain and bleeding is still the same.

Each time I see the surgeon he says it is the surgical cut that is no healing and the anal fissure has been repaired.

Janet says:

I have the same symptoms as before the surgery. I am totally frustrated. I might try the homeopathic alternative, maybe H-fissures as it is not expensive and also offers money back guarantee.

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