7 Days Guide to Guaranteed Weight Loss

This guide explains simple and easy aerobic exercises over a period of 7 days. Once you master them and make them your daily routine, you shall get tons of benefits and guaranteed weight loss.

  1. Introduction
  2. How many Calories Shall I Burn?
  3. How Much Weight Shall I lose?
  4. Weight loss is Not the Only Gain!
  5. Monday – Start with Power Walk
  6. Tuesday – Triangle Push up
  7. How to Do Triangle Push Ups?
  8. Wednesday – Body Weight Squats
  9. How to do Body Weight Squats?
  10. Thursday – The Curl Up
  11. How to do Curl Ups?buy walk sneakers
  12. Friday – Shadow Boxing
  13. How to Do Shadow Boxing?
  14. Saturday – DIPS Using a Chair
  15. Sunday – Power Jumps
  16. How to do power jumps?
  17. Muscles Relaxation Techniques
  18. Conclusion
  19. Frequently Asked Questions
  20. Precautions and Warnings


When big tasks are divided into smaller chunks, they become a lot easier. A huge task done at once, most often, break the spirit and motivation behind it. The result is often disappointment by abandoning the task altogether. A more prudent and wiser approach is to take on the task bit by bit by splitting it into small pieces. Master one bit and move on to another.

This guide has been designed in a way that once you do each task a day; the whole thing will become easy in no time. This guide explains 7 simple and classic exercises. Although, you may be familiar with them, you might not have grasped the real value behind these useful activities. They are plain and simple, yet effective and fruitful.

The whole program spans on 7 days of the week. One new exercise is introduced each day. On the following day, you add one more to your activities and at the end of day 7; you would have achieved the habit of doing all seven simple, plain, and easy but effective workouts.

Some of you might find them not intensive at all and may want to do high impact workouts. Others may find them a bit more intensive and may want to do lower impact workouts. Don’t worry. You can simply raise the bar higher or lower to adjust the intensity. If you want to make them more challenging, simply increase the number of reps and sets. You can also add weights to make the exercises even tougher. Those of you, who find them more challenging, simply decrease the number of reps and sets or break them into multiple sessions.

A rep is to do an exercise just once, while a set is to do a rep more than once.

For people who are at very low paced and cannot handle adding each exercise a day, they have the choice of adding one on alternate day. People can also workout their own pace and whichever way suits their own particular case, should be followed.

I found that some people find it difficult to add each exercise after a day. As I said earlier, work according to your own pace.  The following table shows the length of time to complete the course depending on your speed of adding exercises.

Number of Exercise Added Total Weeks Total Days
Adding one exercise each day One Week 7 days
Adding one exercise on second day Two Weeks 14 days
Adding one exercise on third day Three Weeks 21 days
Adding one exercise on fourth day Four Weeks 28 days
Adding one exercise on fifth day Five weeks 35 days
Adding one exercise on sixth day six weeks 42 days
Adding one exercise on seventh day seven weeks 56 days

As a general rule, once you have learnt all of them, you should be doing all these exercises once a day. You may do it twice a day if your own particular situation permits.

Please note to consult your health professional or doctor before starting any new regimen.

How many Calories Shall I Burn?

At the end of each day exercise, I have given an estimated number of calories burned. This is just estimation and the number may vary according to intensity, duration, number of reps or sets and also individual’s weight, gender and age.

Day Calories Total
Monday 300 300
Tuesday 75 375
Wednesday 105 105 480
Thursday 75 555
Friday 105 660
Saturday 75 735
Sunday 125 860

Total 860*7=6020*52=313040 in one year

313040/12= 26087 per month

How Much Weight Shall I lose?

Weight loss varies with age, gender, lifestyle and weight. So each individual shall lose according to their own situation. Here is a general estimation of how much will you lose. It could be more or it could be less. The following assessment is a general estimation based on averages.

For each one pound you need to burn roughly 3500 calories. As worked out above, you will burn 26087 calories roughly in one month. Let us work it out this way:

26087/3500= 7.4 Pounds per month

7.4 * 6 = 44.7 pounds in six months

44.7 *2 = 89.4 pounds in one year

That is around 6 stones in a year time!

Also that is only following the exercises alone. What if you bring a little bit of changes like eating healthy and eat only when you are hungry. What about all those calories which you will not consume simply by avoiding junk food and replacing it with healthy food.

Weight loss is Not the Only Gain!

There are a lot of fade and hype diets over there in the diet market. Thousands of books, programs, reports, articles, videos etc have been created just to cash on the demand of the people. A diet comes and fades. A new diet system appears with new gimmicks and high pitched claims to be effective. Diet pills are another onslaught in the weight loss market.

Many times diet and pills programs are not only ineffective, they are detrimental to your health. Some of these so called “systems” and pills either do not work or they work in a negative way.

Weight management is a straight forward and simple way of doing things the healthy way. Rather than relying on befooling diets system and harmful pills, simply eat healthy, reasonably and do your body some justice by taking simple exercises.

Right exercise will give you tons of benefits. Besides weight loss, you will gain energy, healthy heart, healthy lungs, good digestive system, mental alertness, memory boost, better sleep, happy mood, reduction in stress, increased productivity, self-esteem, being positive towards self and others.

Say No to Diets and Pills….Lose Weight the Healthy Way..Follow a Healthy and Simple Weight Management…and You Will Lose Nothing Except Weight!

Monday – Start with Power Walk

Walking is, perhaps, the easiest of all exercises. Most of us walk every day. Since our childhood, we walk, jog or run. Walking is, in fact, a natural exercise. Doctors recommend walk mostly for two reasons.

  1. It is easy and any body can do it. (With exceptions)
  2. It is useful and very effective.

It can be literally done any where, indoors and outdoors. It can be done on a treadmill at your own home or in a gym. Weather permitting; the best choice is to do it outside. Outside walk not only makes you physically fit, it is a great way to sooth your mind. People who walk regularly are a lot less stressed and less depressed. Finding a buddy for a walk is even better.

Remember, I am talking here about power walk. I am not talking about the normal stroll or the 20 steps after meal kind of thing. You will need to walk as brisk as you can. If you find it really tame, you can jog or run.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Posture is the number one priority in power walk. Keep your body as straight as you can, but do not stress and strain. Keeping your body straight will help you walk faster and let your body work through the core. It will stretch your muscles and warm up your body quickly to burn more calories.
  2. While having power walk, look up and not down.
  3. Relax your shoulders.
  4. Try to keep your arms close to your body.
  5. Bigger strides are better than small. Take strides as big as you can handle. Walk as brisk as you can handle.
  6. Make sure that your heels hit the ground first.
  7. Make sure you wear comfortable and firmed sole shoes. It is is highly recommended to wear power walking shoes.

 Duration 20 Minutes

 Calories Burned ~300

Tuesday – Triangle Push up

Most of us know push ups and the triangle push up is not different except that it is a simple variation. Although simple, it is powerful enough to work out most of our muscles especially those of the upper body. Triangle push ups are also called diamond push ups.

After power walk, it is great to move on to triangle push ups. During the power walk, the blood flow starts to reach even the furthest parts of veins. You will feel energized and warm after power walk. So power walk works as a warm up for the triangle push ups.

How to Do Triangle Push Ups?

  1. Kneel on your face down along with your body just as normal push ups.
  2. When you place your hands on the floor, make sure you position them straight under your chest.
  3. Bring both your thumbs and index fingers to form a triangle.
  4. Lower your body to the ground level and then push yourself up. This is one push up. Make sure you lower your body and push it up together as one whole.
  5. Complete 10 push ups which will make one set
  6. Complete three sets.

Tips and Tricks

If you are overweight and have never tried triangle push ups before, you may find it pretty hard. You may also feel your muscle sore. In this case, put knees on the ground to get extra support. Initially start with 2-3 push ups and then slowly increase overtime.

Do not pull your elbows out too much as this may cause injury. Do not position your hands towards the belly or outwards the chest. Make sure you position your hands right under the chest.

Alternative – Wall Push Ups

If you are absolutely unable to mange the diamond or triangle push ups, then go for the wall push ups. These are easy and require less effort. Simply, place your hands over the wall with palms spread and push to and fro the wall.

Duration 3 sets of 10

Calories Burned ~75

Beginners 3 sets of 3

Calories Burned ~30

Wednesday – Body Weight Squats

Serious weight trainers often consider this to be the most popular of all the exercises. They do it with huge weights on their back. That is only for advanced and professional weight trainers. I am talking about the body weight only version i.e. without any weight on the back. This aerobic body weight squat is very effective when done properly.

Body Weight Squat (BWS) main focus is to work our legs. Weight trainers, however, call it full body work out simply because its work is not limited only to legs.

The squat is done by sitting from the standing position to the sitting position and then standing back up straight. This is one squat.

For beginners, dumbbells or back weights are not recommended at all. However, if you are a seasoned trainer and find the body weight squats not challenging enough, you can then add dumbbells. Ensure that you have exactly the same weight in both of your hands at each side.

How to do Body Weight Squats?

  1.  Stand with feet shoulder width apart
  2. Position toes in a forward or slightly turned out position
  3. Stand tall. Hold your head neutral and look straight ahead
  4. You can either:
  5. Cross arms and place hands on opposite shoulder
  6. Or stretch your arms forward
  7. Or hold your sides with your hands
  8. Squatting down and then up is one rep.
  9. 10 reps make a set

Tips and Tricks

If you stand with narrow gap between your feet, try to squat as far below as you can. Experienced trainers can touch the floor with their thighs.

Make the movement as fluid as possible. Avoid bouncing, and sudden jerking motion.

Easy Alternative

If you are a beginner and find regular squats uncomfortable, try to squat on a bench. This is a lot easier and once you have built enough strength, you can switch to regular squats. I attended a 7 weeks training with professional physiotherapists. Those who could not handle the regular squats were asked to do bench squats. After a few days, most of them were able to switch back to normal.

Duration 3 sets of 10

Calories Burned 105

Thursday – The Curl Up

Like power walk, push ups and squats, the curl up is not a new exercise. It is a variation of the classic exercise. It burns calories and work on the core muscles and those around the belly i.e. abdominal muscles.

Curl ups are another version of sit ups; they are less complicated. They are great for toning the stomach area. Some trainers even recommend it for lower back pain. It is essentially a crunch with the variation that your arms stay at the side of your body. It is important to keep them at the side to protect your head and neck from unnecessary pressure and strain.

Curl up and then back down to the mat is one rep. 10 reps form a set.

How to do Curl Ups?

  1. Lie down on your back. It is better to use an exercise mat.
  2. Keep your arms and hands at the sides of the body on the mat or floor.
  3. Alternatively you can you can make a hammock by interlacing the fingers into each other and placing them under your head like a cradle. This will take the tension off the neck muscles and protect them from injury. Make sure you bring the elbows forward enough so you can see them. This is to prevent the elbows falling out which increases pressure on the neck.
  4.  Now focus you eyes’ position on your knees. Avoid looking at the ceiling to reduce the strain.
  5.  Raise your head slowly avoiding any jerk and curl up slowly and then gently sliding back. This completes one rep. 10 reps make a set.
  6.  Make sure you keep the pelvis position neutral at all times.


Duration 3 sets of 10

Calories Burned ~75

Friday – Shadow Boxing

Exercise should not be boring and stressful. It should be fun and enjoyable. According to an estimate, people stick to fun and enjoyable exercises at least 38 % more than the ones which are boring.

Shadow boxing is a great fun and an enjoyable exercise. It is not a tough training for the combats in the sport ring. It is an aerobic fun activity which burns calories and shapes your body.

Here are some of the benefits of shadow boxing

  •  It is fun and enjoyable.
  • It is an easy aerobic workout.
  • It is therapeutic.
  • It works the whole body.
  • It helps to sooth your mind.

Be relaxed, calm and smooth. Don’t get stressed. Remember it is just a fun.

The punches do not have to be full speed. At the beginning start making little punches. Once you are comfortable, increase its intensity.

It works great if you do shadow boxing in front of a mirror.

How to Do Shadow Boxing?

  1. First of all, relax and then stand comfortably. Hold your arms stretched ahead. Fold your fingers to make fists of both your hands. Make your thumb tight against outside your fingers.
  2. Throw some punches. Do not go wild in the air. Just imagine that you are in the ring and hitting the opponent. Make movements indicating you are trying to avoid punches from the opponent.
  3. As you throw the punches, lean back and forth.
  4. Start slow and within a week time you will significantly increase your speed.
  5. Burn calories, shape your body, lose weight and have fun.

 Duration 15 Minutes (breaks in between)

Calories Burned ~105

Saturday – DIPS Using a Chair

 How to Do DIPS Using a Chair?

  1.  Sit on a chair’s edge.
  2. Hold the edge of the chair with your hands shoulder apart.
  3. Move your legs in front of you, so your whole body is in the air except your feet on the floor and your hands holding the chair.
  4. Now slid your body slowly down and then back up unless your arms are straight up.
  5. The further you keep your legs away from the chair the harder it is and vice versa.
  6. If you want to make it more challenging, get another chair and put your feet on it.
  7. Keep your tummy tucked in and chest out.
  8. 10 reps make a set.

 Duration 3 sets of 8

 Calories Burned ~75

Sunday – Power Jumps

buy trampolineWe mentioned this exercise on the last day because it is a bit more strenuous than all the previous ones. It is a super way to wind up all your day’s exercises followed by muscle relaxation techniques.

It is known as explosive body weight exercise because it is fat and calorie buster activity.

You will need firm floor in a room to do this exercise. If weather permits, you can do it outdoor.

Most of us jumped when we were kids; it is nothing new. Make sure you are fit to do these power jumps.  If you are not sure ask your doctor.

If you find them harder you can try light jumping in a trampoline. Trampolines are great for having fun jumping. I often do it with my kids. They laugh a lot and jump faster when they see me along. We jump, burn calories and have loads of fun!

You can also substitute it for lighter legs jump.

How to do power jumps?

  1. Find a place where you feel yourself comfortable. It could be indoor our outdoor in the yard.
  2. Place your feet closer together and knees slightly bent.
  3. Once you bend down then jump straight up as high as you are able to.
  4. To absorb the impact, make your knees loose.
  5. Once you land, stay in the squat position and jump again.
  6. Repeat 10 jumps


Duration: 3 Sets of 10

Calories Burned: ~125

Muscles Relaxation Techniques

Physiotherapists advise to use muscles relaxation techniques after exercise. Here is how to do it.

  1. Lift your leg and take it behind and hold it with the opposite hand for 20 seconds. Repeat it with the other leg.
  2. Stand and make yourself comfortable. Stretch one leg to your side as far as you can. You should feel a little pressure on the muscles in your thighs. Hold on for 20 seconds. Repeat it with the other leg.
  3. Stand and make yourself comfortable. Move one leg ahead and lean on your knee by holding it. Leave the other leg behind in a straight position making sure your heel touches the floor. Hold on for 20 seconds. Repeat it with the other side.
  4. Stand comfortable. Stretch both your arms closely together with closed fists. Now pull one you right fist backward and keep turning your body slowly to one side. To under stand this, imitate as if you pulling the bowstrings to shot the arrow. Once you have fully pulled, hold on for 20 seconds. Repeat the same for the other side.

After these simple muscle relaxation techniques, you will feel very relaxed. You will also feel happy as by this time your brain would have released endorphins.


These exercises are simple and you can do them anywhere, anytime you like without the use of any expensive equipments. The only time you may want to add some equipment like weights etc. when you find them less challenging and want to increase their intensity.

Please bear in mind that it is always recommended to bring about healthy life-style changes such as eating healthy, getting enough sleep and taking proper rest. When all these are combined with your exercise routine, you will get some of the best results out of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight shall I lose?

As worked out above anything from 2 pounds to 7-8 pounds a month.

It is too strenuous for me, is there an alternative?

There are many other exercises. If you find them too hard, break them in to several times a day. Alternatively, adopt the less intensive forms. Only do what you can handle.

How can I break them up?

You can break it into two or three sessions a day. I personally break it into two sessions: one in the morning and one in the evening. This makes it easier, less exhausting and more fun. You can spread it over up to three sessions a day.

Can I do only 2 to 3 days per week?

You can do it as much as you can handle. Best is to do it daily. Some experts recommend taking, at least, one day off to give the muscles some rest. Others believe it is ok with aerobics to do it every day. Ideally it should be 3 to 7 days per week. Absolute minimum is 2 days per week.

Do I need to speak to my doctor?

It is highly recommended to speak to your doctor or health professional before taking on any regimen, especially if you have any health conditions.

Precautions and Warnings

  • Do not exercise without warming up your body. A 10 minute warm is enough before you start exercise.
  • Do not start all of them at once. Slowly introduce them each day or according to your own strength.
  • Do not workout too hard. This may cause muscle injury. Work out slowly.
  • Avoid jerks, sudden movements, bounces and irregular movements. All movements should be slow and smooth.
  • Do not go beyond what you can handle.
  • If you get sore muscles, massage gently with extra virgin olive oil. You may take rest until you muscles are back to normal.

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