5 Natural Remedies For The Treatment of Shingles

HomeopathyThough shingles can undoubtedly be a very difficult virus to deal with, there are some helpful ways to make this virus a bit more painful. You might think that you aren’t susceptible to shingles, but if you have ever had chicken pox then you are at a direct risk of developing this virus later on. If you find that the painful blisters start to appear then you want to go into motion to try to heal as quickly as possible—the actions and cures that you use early on can make all the difference in the world.

Though you probably are hoping for a cure from the doctor, you won’t readily find one. The problem is that shingles is based on a virus, and that means that getting help in the form of medication or even an antibiotic won’t be reality. This is a good time to try out a natural remedy or cure, and this may start you on a trend towards healing from within. You have nothing to lose and therefore the more that you invest in these home remedies and natural cures, the more that you can become your own best advocate.

Though shingles can really take over your life, you don’t have to let it be an issue for too long. These natural remedies are easy enough to find, great to integrate, and they can ensure that the shingles don’t have a hold of you for too long. This can be a great way of healing yourself and it can make your case of shingles as painless and short as possible, and that’s really the key here!

H-Shingles5. Baking soda as a paste

When all else fails, turn to baking soda but use it in a small amount. All you have to do here is combine a touch of baking soda and water and then you use this as a paste to heal the blisters. You can gently rub this baking soda paste directly onto the blisters and then let it dry, and you will find that this helps to ease the pain almost instantly. You can use this all over the body and therefore get some much needed help and relief, and this will ensure that you heal yourself using one of the simplest but most effective household items. It’s well worth a try and it’s too easy to ignore!

4. The amino acid L-Lysine can help

This is more of an indirect cure, but it will undoubtedly provide some help here. This can be a great way to ensure that the blisters don’t spread for you are literally healing from the inside out. Many people turn to the amino acid L-Lysine for cold sores, and it works much in the same way with the blisters of shingles. It will help to cure, lessen the duration of the blisters, and really limit just how much it spreads. It’s easy enough to get this over the counter supplement and really focus on it for your overall treatment.

3. Pump up the concentration of Vitamin B12

Another indirect cure that actually heals from the inside out. You want to take Vitamin B12 always as part of your daily supplements, and in this case you want to really pump up the dosage. Always be sure to keep the dosage safe enough, but it can be a great way of healing the terrible and painful blisters and ensure that shingles doesn’t become a bigger issue for you. Vitamin B12 has so many healing powers, and therefore it’s a great remedy for shingles.

2.  Essential oils can be helpful

Though you may not necessarily be into the whole essential oils scene yet, you will be hooked in no time at all. In this instance you can use essential oils in a variety of different ways to help yourself. You can diffuse them into the air and breathe them in for a less concentrated and more indirect way of healing. You can also apply them directly to the site of the blisters, and if you are careful then you can enjoy some instant relief. The ones that are best to use here include lemon, peppermint, and even lavender. They can help to calm you with their smell, and if they are pure then they will help to heal the blisters in a really wonderful way. You will find that essential oils have a variety of different uses, and turning to them for shingles can prove their worth and true value!

1.  Natural products that heal from within

You might think that turning to a natural cure is more hype than actual value, but that’s simply not true. If you turn to a product that is proven to help to ease the discomfort of shingles, then you’ll be in good shape. One such product that has rave reviews from patients who have suffered with shingles is H-Shingles formula by Amoils.com. This is a natural healing oil that you can rub onto the shingles blisters directly, and it will help you to find some comfort and healing. It can help to lessen the duration of the blisters, and while you do have them it can make them easier to deal with. It may even help some of the pain to subside, and therefore it’s a great concentrated oil overall. It’s well worth a try and it can help you in a natural but highly effective way, which is ultimately what it’s all about.

Though shingles can be very difficult to deal with turning to natural remedies can truly be your best bet. It’s easy enough to get the help that you need through many household items that you may already have on you. Trust that natural cures can be great for something like shingles as viruses aren’t otherwise easy to cure. You have nothing to lose and you just might find that turning to natural remedies can be a great solution for a variety of things once you see how well they work with shingles.

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