5 Easy Ways That Helped Me Eliminate Constipation During Pregnancy

Fruit vegetables and constipation

Hormonal changes accompany pregnancy. It brings a lot of changes in mood, eating habits, craving for food, dislike for some food and liking for others. The most common change often seen among women during pregnancy is morning sickness. It is a condition in which one feels extremely sick and would want to vomit everything out especially during the early part of the day. Morning sickness may happen even in the later part of the day. It is simply called morning sickness because it mostly comes in the morning.

Another condition bothering pregnant women is constipation. As said earlier, the eating habits change during pregnancy and a lot of women turn towards junk food. This slows down the movements of bowl which causes constipation. When I was pregnant for the first time, It was  horrible for me when I would feel the urge to go to the toilet but was not able to pass any bowls. As I was inexperienced, it was too hard to bear with it unless I turned to some natural solutions and home remedies.

It would start during the early days and would continue even after delivery. During some weeks or days, it would disappear and I would thought  that it was gone. However, it would soon return and take a toll of my mental and physical health. This continued till my third baby was born.

I had three girls by that time. I love all my girls but still wanted a boy. Me and husband agreed to give it another shot in the hope of a baby boy. But God wrote for us otherwise. To cut it short I have now five girls. I am happy and love them so much. My husband is such a lovely man and loves his daughters more than anything else.

Back to the constipation story, after the third delivery I was not ready to undergo the pangs of constipation once again. I did not have to rely on the midwife’s and doctors only. I wanted to find out my own natural and safe solution.

After each delivery I would get loads of stitches. This would make my situation worse as it was too difficult to pass stool. When you have stitches you cannot apply pressure as the stitches hurt. This is also a common practice among ladies who get stitches to avoid the call of nature or delay it as much as they can. This is extremely bad. It makes the stool even harder. It may also contribute to building up of toxic waste in the body. It is, therefore, extremely important to answer the call as soon as you feel to. I know that it hurts, but that hurting is not more dangerous than the long term bad effects of delaying the call.

It becomes worse if you get your rectal tissues torn during delivery. Again, delaying the call is no good at all.

Common Sense Prevails

Unless you have a severe medical conditions, constipation during pregnancy should not be a big problem. Certain ordinary and day to day steps would do the trick. The following tips and tricks help to eliminate or reduce the problem. If you have severe constipation for several days, feel pain or have any other concern then please speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

1. Do not depend on medicines

Some people think that when they are pregnant, they need certain medicines to support themselves. It is not true unless you have been diagnosed with some condition by your doctor or qualified health professionals. Do not take self-medication available over the counter. If you live in the Unites States or Europe, you most probably will not get any anti-biotic pills, anti-depressants or relaxants etc over the counter. But if you live in the Middle East, India, or Far East, then you can just pop into any pharmacy and drug store to buy any medicine you like. This is extremely bad practice and the health officials or law enforcing agencies of these countries need to look into it.

 2. Change in Diet

As mentioned in the beginning, every pregnant woman knows that taste buds change a lot during pregnancy. What you liked before may no more be your favorite food, at least, for the time being. This is because of hormonal changes. Many women turn into junk food. This does not provide the necessary nourishment required for the body. Further more, it also leads to constipation. If you are heavy on coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc, try to reduce their amount and even eliminate them slowly.

Go for food that are rich in fiber. Fresh fruit and vegetables are the best choice. In the beginning you may find it hard, but within a few days, you taste buds will adjust themselves. Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and fish provide necessary vitamins and minerals to keep the body energized and maintain healthy stomach.

3. Reduce the Stress Level

Pregnant women easily fall into stress. If it is your first pregnancy then your stress level may go up. it may not end in the first one, you stress levels may go up even in the later ones. Try to socialize and spend quality time with others. Reduce the amount of work load and stick only to those which are essential. Reading a good book, taking a walk around the block, visiting a friend, attending a community service etc. are some of the best ways to reduce or eliminate stress.

I would feel stress free by reading a motivational book. Positive reading breeds positive thinking and builds up positive attitude. By feeding your mind and body with good stuff will enable them to give you good results. Remember the GIGO (garbage in garbage out) effect.

4. Regularly Take your Supplements

If your midwife, nurse or doctor prescribes any vitamins such calcium, iron or other supplements, take them regularly. Some women do not take them regularly and miss on them in between. This creates a yoyo constipation. The reason is the body adjust itself when you take them but retracts when you stop them. It confuses the whole system. I myself, would do the same during my first three pregnancies. Irregular intake of prescribed supplements also deprives the body of beneficial nutrients.

 5. Try Herbal and Natural Alternatives

There are many natural and herbal alternatives available. Go for ones that are safe and do not contain harmful ingredients. It is always best practice to speak to your doctor before taking any medication especially if you are pregnant.

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