4 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Treatment for the Removal of Warts on Face

treatment for facial warts

What is that part of the body that you take care of a lot, but you cannot see it?.. 🙂

This was one of the many puzzling questions we would ask when were teen agers. Most people- without any thinking- would jump and give the wrong answer. They would think of… you know what I mean.. 😉

natural remedies for face wartsThe correct answer is your face! isnt? Who does not look after their face? Who does not want to have a beautiful, smooth and shining face?

Of course, we all want so, no matter whether we are men, women, young or old. Face speaks of the internal and external personality of an individual. It deserves the right attention for the right and obvious reasons.

Warts on face may grow on places like forehead, chin, eyelids, under the lips and so on. They look ugly, embarrassing and unsightly. You want to get rid of them, but do not want to replace them with scars behind. This is vital before you chose a treatment. Here are 4 things to consider before choosing a treatment

1. Say No to Surgical Treatments

Unless a surgical treatment is absolutely required, you should not consider it for the treatment of warts on the face; simply, because, such treatments are done using surgical instruments. Incisions and cutting is the way these are removed. Some doctors may also use liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts. Whatever method they use, there are high chances that you will replace the lesions with scars.

2. Do Not Use Chemical Solutions Such as Nail Polish

There is a lot of advice on the internet regarding the use of nail polish for the removal of warts. However, bear in mind that most nail polish contains harmful chemicals. This may damage the soft skin of your face and leave ugly scars or marks.

3. Avoid the Old Wives Tales

There several home remedies available for treating warts. Some of these remedies are natural and effective. These may be ok for warts on places like fingers, foot and other parts of the body. However, when using them on face make sure that these are not simply old wives tales. Remedies like apple cider vinegar or garlic may burn the healthy skin around the effected area.

4. Do not Use Cheap Low Quality Over the Counter Cream

Supermarkets shelves and online stores are full of such low quality over the counter creams known as OTCs. They are no better than harsh home remedies or surgical methods in terms of damaging the delicate facial skin.

Over the counter creams may be effective and one of the best, easiest and cheapest ways to eliminate warts. Make sure, however, to chose only those creams or solutions which are herbal, natural and safe. Go for the ones that do not contain any harmful chemicals.

This article compares the top three over the counter medication for the treatment of warts.

AND DON’T the part which you take care of most but cannot see is your face, not …..   😛


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