How to Lose Weight in 2018 Fast, Naturally and Safely Guaranteed: 37 Super Ways

2017 Lose Weight Naturally and FastDid you try to lose weight all these years, but you failed? Or

What about the New Year’s resolution to lose weight in 2018? Do you resolve each year but could not go beyond a few days?


You try your best for weight loss, but you cannot do it. You feel demotivated.

You are confused. You find it hard. You leave it in the middle?


You do not know where to start the fat loss journey? Or you do not have a guideline?

It could be one of the above, several or all of them.

Don’t worry.

This free guide will show how to lose weight in 2018! All naturally, safely and with results that are guaranteed.

I know many people want to get themselves in the right shape. But they cannot do it for many reasons.

This guide will answers almost all these questions and address the most common problems people face while trying to reduce their weight.

It does not matter you are a man, woman, teenager, or kid. This guide covers the best and unviersal strategies for a perfect weight loss in 2018, whether you take the fat loss goal as 1 day, 2 days, 4 weeks or 30 days challenge!

I know this guide is a bit long, but try to read it all right till the end.

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I hope that you will enjoy reading it and it will help you to address and focus on the issues that have been preventing you from getting to your ideal weight and shape.

Alternatively, you may read the sections that apply to you. It is better you take notes and highlight the areas that you need to work on.

I would also appreciate if you leave your comments and feedback in the comments section.

I. Hate the Diet Pills Prgorams

You have all heard about the so called weight loss pills diet plans.

Avoid them! It is nothing more than common sense there no diet pill works for losing weight.

If there were any such thing as diet pill to lose weight, you would not have been overweight in 2018 and you would not have been reading this guide.

So, anyone who persuades you to try best pills to lose weight in 20018, walk away!

Simply clearing your mind of garbage claims, like diet pills plans,  wil put you on your path to success. It is that simple!


2. Force Yourself into a Routine

A routine is a sequence of actions that is followed regularly. As it is a sequence, it keeps you organized to stay on the track.

If you think about your life, things which we do routinely are the easiest to accomplish. Not only are they the easiest to do, we do them on auto pilot and almost without exerting any conscious efforts.

It is our routine to go to bed at night. How often do we miss it? How much conscious effort do we do for it? Is it not easy? And is it not almost without any effort?

Yes, it is. Why?

Simply because going to bed at a specific time is our daily routine.

Same way, establish a routine of taking exercise and other health stuff.

Some people have a misconception that routines are boring and repetitive. No, they are not.

Routines give stability and add to your self-confidence. Routines also help to increase your self-esteem and let you take more responsibility.

According to psychologists routines have health benefits and may help reduce your stress.

Routines remind you to do certain things without you even trying for it. For example, we all say things like these:

  • It is time to go to bed
  • It is time to get dressed
  • It is time to do such and such thing…

Once you include one health related step in to your routines such as exercise, you will naturally say:

  • It is time to do push ups or
  • It is time to ride a bike, or
  • Let us have a walk, or
  • Let us go to the gym,

And so on..

So, set your self a routine in 2018 to acheive your ideal weight by losing weight fast, safe and naturally.

3. Keep a Food Diary or a Journal

Food diary or journal has many benefits. At first thought, it looks less important, but trust me, you will come to know so many things once you maintain a food diary or journal.

venus factor women weight lossI had a bladder problem and my urologist advised me to keep a food diary for a month.

After a month, when I started analysing the food I had consumed, I was shocked by the amount of information and how I could do a lot better by simply changing or replacing certain foods.

According to Beth Reardon, who is director of nutrition at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, North Carolina, keeping a food diary can help you recognize your emotional issues which may be a hurdle in your weight loss efforts.

According to Healthy Eating by Demand MediaKaiser Centre for Health Research in Portland, Oregon, conducted a study of 1700 people in 2008.  The study concluded that people who kept a food diary for six months lost twice as much weight as those who did not keep any record of what they ate.

And this included people who lost weight with exercise and without exercise!

Another study which was published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, found that those who kept food diary lost six pounds more than those who did not bother about it.

WebMD referenced to a study that was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

The study extended over a period of six months and concluded that people who kept a food journal or diary for six days a week lost twice as much weight as those who kept a record for one day or less.

Another great advantage of keeping a food journal is to spot any bad food for health and replace them with healthy food for better nutrition.

Keeping a food diary in 2018 will keep you accountable.

Accountability means having someone to answer to and that someone can be you. Accountability is one of the best motivating factors for fat loss that will keep you on track.

4. Cut out on the Type of Snack

It is now established that starving yourself does not help you lose weight. It may even be counterproductive.

The reality is it is not the snacking as it is commonly misunderstood; it is the type of snacking.

Eating healthy snacks such as fresh veg or fruit between meals can prove a help in losing your weight.

NHS UK states that snacking is not the problem while trying to lose weight. However, the type of snack you eat is.

Snacking on crisps, chocolate, sugary biscuits and other type of food that contain high amount of sugar and saturated fat aids in gaining weight and adding inches to your waist.

Experts recommend eating three meals a day with healthy snacking in between.

An 8oz bag of potato chips contains 1217 calories and 25 gram of saturated fat. In contrast an apple of medium size contains only 95 calories and 0.1 g of saturated fat.

Similarly a 162 g bar of dark chocolate contains 884 calories and 30 g of saturated fat. On the contrary, a medium sized banana contains only 105 calories and 0.1g of saturated fat.

Now you know the difference! It is a simple math. So, changing the type of snack is another guranteed ways to lose weight in 2018.

5. Drink a Lot of Water

There is a bit of controversy here.

How much is enough?

Does water really help you lose weight?

Some experts believe that drinking 8 glasses of waer a day is the minimum and the more is required depending upon the weather and your life style.

Others think it to be a myth and consider the natural demand of the body for water is the right amount to be taken.

They think that when our body needs water, we feel thirsty and by drinking some water the thirst is quenched.

Once the thirst is quenched that means the body does not need any more water.

There may disagreement regarding the amount of water to be taken on a daily basis, it is a unanimous opinion that water has tons of benefits and is essential for our survival.

Water saves us from dehydration.Water speeds up metabolism, cleanses the system and suppresses hunger.

As a hunger suppressant, it is advised to drink water before meals. According to a study published in the Journal of American Dietetic Association, people who drank water before meals consumed 75 fewer calories than those who did not drink water before meals.

Dr. Melina Jampolis, reports on the CNN that the body cannot distinguish between thirst and hunger. So if you don’t drink water, you may eat food that you do not need and hence consume more calories than required.

Getting enough water helps digest food properly. It regulates bowel and eliminates constipation.

Medical experts warn of excessive drinking of water which may cause confusion, irritability and other rare conditions.

Increasing your water intake is another cutting edge weapon in your arsenal to lose weight in 2018.

6. Say No to Sugary Drinks

The Harvard School of Public Health says that sugary drinks are one of the major contributors to the obesity epidemic. 

The National Institute of Health and the National Library of Medicine state that half the people in the USA consume sugary drink on any given day with 200 calories form such drinks while 5% of the population drink at least 567 calories from these drinks per day.

7. Create a Caloric Deficit

The weight loss formula is simple. You need to create a caloric deficit. If you eat an exact number of calories that you consume, you neither gain nor lose. If you eat more calories than you consume, you will gain. If you eat fewer calories than you consume, you definitely lose weight.

In order to understand the caloric deficit, let us explain it by means of an analogy.

Suppose you have a grain business. You get a supply of 5000 kg of grain on a daily basis. The demand in the market is only 4000 kg. The surplus 1000 kg will be stored in your warehouse. If the supply keeps coming in excess of 1000 kg daily, you will soon find that your store house is full without any further space.

So, you must either increase your sale, or reduce your supply to balance the situation.

Similarly if you eat more than what is required, the excess is stored as fat. One day, there will be no more space for storing extra fat!

What shall happen after that, you can imagine.

So the trick is to create calorie deficit.

In simple words fat loss is calories in versus calories out.

However, you must keep it in mind that the deficit number should not be a random. How much deficit should you create will mainly depend upon your body size, age, life style and target goal.

Too much calories deficit is no good for health reasons and it often is counterproductive. Generally speaking, 200 to 500 calories a day is ideal depending upon your weight, height, age and level of activity.

8. Join a Gym: To Join or Not to Join

Joining a gym is a great step forward towards your fat loss. Being in the gym you have a chance of work outs, running on the treadmills, weight lifting and a variety of other exercises.

However, it is not just about simply joining the gym.

You get drawn towards a culture. You get more interested in what to eat and what to avoid. How to build your muscle, what food is good for building muscles and melting fat? And so on.

Joining a gym with specific goals in mind serves a great educational purpose.

You may soon find that healthy living starts to creep in to your mind and thinking which transforms in to reality.

The point is that when you plan to join a gym, think about benefits other than exercise such as meeting likeminded people, learning new workouts, hearing inspirational stories from others and even making better relationships.

9. Walk in the Park

I know some people will not be able to join a gym even if they want to. If you are a single mum of 4 preschool kids with no childcare, then yes I understand that.

And there could be variety of other genuine reasons such as financial problem, mobility problem, time problem, location problem etc.

But these problems are no problems as far as exercising your body is concerned.

You can still achieve your goal of losing weight in 2018 and beyond just by walking around the block or in the park.

Weather permitting; walk in the park is one of the best exercises. You lose weight and reduce stress as an extra bonus. If you are unable for some reason even to walk around the block or in the park, use your own stairs.

10.Print Your Ideal Weight and Stick it to the Bathroom Mirror

It is our nature to forget things. We need constant reminders. Human mind is like a mobile phone battery. It keeps working until it goes flat which then needs to be recharged.

It goes flat again and then needs to be recharged. So it works continuously only if it gets charged continuously.

If you print your ideal weight and stick to it to the bathroom mirror and even in your bed room, it will constantly remind you of your fat loss goals. Try it and it works!


11. Try the Trial Period

Trials in any sphere of life are voluntary. They are options. They are not forced. They are not compulsory.

It is human psychology that we enjoy things done voluntarily. Once they are forced or made compulsory, we find ourselves resisting them as much as we can.

Trial periods are test periods. The idea behind the trials is that you lose nothing and by the end of the test you are hooked to the product or service.

You know why big companies offer trials? 7 days trial, 14 days trial, 30 days trial! Sounds familiar?

Yes. These companies are not fools. They know the sale psychology. Once the customer uses a product for a certain period of time, the customer is hooked to the product or service.

In the next step the customer takes the credit card out of their wallet to buy the product or service. I love the trial and money back gurantee products especially in the weight loss industry.

These products are designed to meet the need of the people and hence the sellers are sure that customers will be happy.

Some products like this one offers you to keep the money as well as the product if you are not happy.

It works while trying to lose weight. Give yourself a trial. In case of weight loss, a minimum of 30 days is ideal.

Once you follow your regime for 30 days or four weeks, there are chances that you will continue with the program after the trial period is over.

Because most trials are to test water voluntarily, you will find it a lot easier to do them.

Try this 3 week trial and see yourself that you will not lose anything except weight and fat in 2018.

13. Set Yourself Realistic Goals

Setting yourself goals gives you vision and direction. Goals must be realistic based upon your own circumstances.

Setting goals too high may discourage you as they seem impossible to achieve. Write you goals and you are one step nearer to achieve them.

Writing down your goals makes them realistic. Writing makes your abstract goals physical: something that you can see.

14. Keep Track of Your Progress

Think that your weight loss plan is a project management.

For a successful project, it is absolutely essential to monitor it and track its progress. Break down your project into mini milestones.

Once each milestone is achieved, take a note of the progress so far. Each day when you read your progress, you will feel yourself highly motivated.

Don’t try to rely on your intuition.

We have been living with our bodies each and every second and it is very difficult to notice any difference unless it is tracked.

I was amazed when I started on my own journey of weight loss. After losing around 10 pounds, I did feel a difference but I never though it to be anything significant.

But when I visited Ireland and my relatives and friends saw me there after a while, they exclaimed “Wow, you lost a lot of weight.” Take a photo of yourself on the first day.

Note down your weight, measure your thighs, waist and other parts you think necessary. Repeat once a week.

Within a couple of weeks you will see a noticeable difference between your first record and the last one. You will see it like a curve with steady progress.


14. Change Your Habits

Do you know that naturally thin people have different habits from those who are either overweight or obese?

Paul McKenna wrote a landmark book entitled I Can Make You Thin where he says that people who are naturally thin eat whatever they want yet they never get fat.

Similarly Ben Fletcher wrote a book called No Diet Diet where he claims that all diet programs or plans are bound to fail.

The only successful diet plan is No Diet.

Sounds Amazing?

Isn’t? Yes, it is true.

If you ever want to read a book on diets, I recommend reading the “I Can Make You Thin” by Paul McKenna and the “No Diet Diet” by Ben Fletcher.

Both books are awesome and will teach how to lose weight without any diet plan.

Next time, you see friends, relatives, workmates or other people around who are naturally slim, just observe their habits.

You do not tell them, but keep observing different slim people and you will be amazed to see they have many habits in common which are natural to them.

One of the most amazing and natural habit of naturally thin people I find is that they eat slowly.

Although, there may be exception, almost all naturally thin people take a lot of time to chew their food well before passing it down the throat. This habit has many advantages.

First, it coats the food well in the digestive enzymes found in the saliva.

Second, it breaks the food down into the smallest particles. So, half the job of the stomach is done before the food even gets there.

Last, it takes more time to eat slow and chew food thoroughly.

So, you give enough time to your stomach to pass the signal of fullness to the brain.

According to experts it takes around 20 minutes for the stomach to pass these signals. So if you eat quickly, you never get satisfied during your means.

Consequently, you eat more before the signals are passed on and feel bloated and overfull after.

Here are some of the most common habits found among the naturally slim people.

  •  They eat slowly They chew the food thoroughly
  • They eat without any distractions
  • They start their day with breakfast
  • They do not let themselves starve

You might be wondering that all these habits are natural without any conscious efforts on the part of naturally slim people.

So how am I gonna do that? That is a great question! And it makes a lot of sense.

Naturally thin people have been doing it for ages and thus the conscious became unconscious.

Once you start trying to adapt them and execute them regularly, they will become your second nature.

Remember, I talked about the trial period earlier.

The best way to adapt these habits is take one habit at a time and set yourself on a trial period. You will be amazed!


15. Discipline Yourself

Discipline means to train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way. Self-discipline is crucial to achieve anything.

According to the International Food Information Council Foundation, 69 per cent of American citizens attempt to lose weight.

The sad news is that majority of them quit and fail because of the lack of discipline.

Once you stick to a target, create a reward and punishment system. If you fail to do what you wanted to do, punish yourself by depriving yourself double.

If you excel what you had planned, reward yourself.

Gary, my friend, has a unique way of doing things.

Gary gets rid of his bad habits by a system of self-punishment.

He says that first he tries to abandon a habit and each time he fails he swears to give a dollar in a charity.

Gary says by the time he has donated $5 dollars, his bad habit has become a thing of the past. Interesting, isn’t?

Why not try Gary’s formula?

16. Do not Shoot in the Dark

You wake up one morning and say, “I want to lose weight”.

No, it does not work like this.

Do not shoot in the dark and get yourself ready before hand. Conduct a little bit of research about yourself.

How much do you weigh, how many calories do you need, what food is causing the problem etc. etc.

Draw a plan. Simple, but essential.

Have you heard the saying that those who fail to plan, plan to fail.?

In other words, get yourself organized. Consider all the points you have read so far. Take a pen and paper and note down all the steps that you need to take.


17. Take Action

Yes, thinking precedes action.

But it is a loop and is true the other way round, too. We think and then act, but our actions create further thinking.

So brooding over to lose weight won’t do anything neither in 2018 nor beyond.

You must get up, set a deadline and start.

No matter how much you educate yourself by gathering information and making up plans, you are not gonna get anything unless you take action.

The sooner, the better.


18. Set Yourself SMART Goals

SMART stands for

  • S Specific
  • M measureable
  • A attainable
  • R  Relevant
  • T Time bound


Specific means to narrow down your goals to a particular area.

A goal of getting in shape is too broad. Joining the gym to work out three days is a good example of specific goals.

Other examples would be. Eliminate sugar Go brown Go swimming Healthy breakfast 2 Miles a day Walk And, so on…


Goals should be measurable so you know how much have done. Measurable goals enable you to track your progress.

For instance losing weight is not a measurable goal. To lose 3 lbs. a month is a good example of measurable goals.


Goals should be realistic and attainable. Goals that are too high are out of reach. Such extreme goals are not possible to achieve and in the course of time, demotivation creeps in.

However, goals should not be too low. Goals below standard performance become meaningless and one may find it not worth the effort to achieve.

An attainable goal should answer two questions: How can the goal be accomplished? How realistic is the goal?


Relevance is a key to achieving goals. Irrelevant goals cannot be pursued beyond a few days. Relevant goals create the drive ad zeal to go forward.

Any goal that supports or is in alignment with other goals may be classed as relevant. A goal to eliminate sugar from you diet and thereby cut down your calories by 150 a day is a relevant goal to your overall weight loss objective.


Target setting and time-frame are essential for accomplishing goals.

Once you are committed to a deadline, it helps to focus your effort on the completion of the goal on or before the due date.

If you say want to lose 5kg but you do not have any time-frame in your mind, it may become hard to accomplish it. Instead, you may set yourself a three months (or more or less) time or a specific day and date to reach your goal.

19.  Change Your Company

A man is known by the company he keeps (so is a woman), lol.

If you are surrounded by people who do not care about their health and fitness, you will are more likely to go the same way even in 2018.

Networking with likeminded people is a great way to stay in the right direction.

When you are in the company of people who are more motivated than you, keep it.

When you are surrounded by people who make your life better, then keep your company.

When you are surrounded by people who do not change you or take you down, then you need to change your company.

Joining like minded local groups is an excellent way of keeping yourself motivated. If you are unable to find any group of people locally, join some online health forums.

Great online forums are so beneficial. You will get expert advice on almost any question.

You may also read other people success stories and thus keep yourself encouraged.


20. Stay Positive

Positive self-talk plays a vital role in making your fat loss program a success.

Listen to what is echoing in your head. Is it positive taking you towards your weight loss goal or is it negative taking you one step back?

For instance, after a week you may find yourself that you did not lose a single pound.

You may think that it is a hopeless failure as it has been a week and you did not lose a single pound.

This is pure negative self-talk. On the contrary you may talk to yourself that it is ok, you did not lose any weight but at least you did some exercise and changed your meal plans.

Exercise and healthy eating have tons of other benefits apart from losing weight.

Each time you practice positive self-talk, it will enable you to read your goals clearly and push you several steps ahead to successfully lose weight in 2018 safe and naturally.


21. Do Not Commiserate, Celebrate

This is a great tip I learnt from Allen Cars in his famous book called Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

Allen Carrs urges that once you see other people smoking, don’t envy them but rather take pity on them by thinking how badly are they hooked.

At the same time, don’t commiserate that you quit smoking rather it is a matter of celebration.

Similarly, once you replace your junk food for a healthier choice, you may see other people around munching on the junk. Don’t not envy them, pity them.

Don’t commiserate; it is time to celebrate your achievement.

Each time you stop commiserating the junkers and start celebrating yourself, you are many steps forward to your goals.


22. Read a Quote Every Morning

Quotes, proverbs and sayings are the embodiment of wisdom. They enclose an ocean of knowledge and wisdom in a few words.

Read quotes or proverbs that motivate you. They are real boosts.

Here are a few great quotes to keep your motivation strong.

I don’t workout because I hate my body… I work out because I love it.

“Eating crappy food is not a reward — it is a punishment.” Drew Carey

“When something breaks, we do not ignore it, we try to fix it. I need to fix myself.”

“If you cannot join a gym, planet Earth is the biggest gym and we are all its members. Just get out.”


23. Don’t Be Afraid of Failures


Failure is not the end of the game.

It is otherwise.

Real success starts with failure. Failure is the first stepping stone of your success.

Read the lives of the most successful lives and you will be amazed to find their success was built on their failure.

Real failure starts when you quit. “Lord of the Flies” was rejected 24 times before it became a classic.

No one was ready to publish Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte which is now in the top list of English classics.

Bill Gates failed and his friend passed the exam. Bill became the owner and his friend is an employee in Microsoft.

Michael Jordan says that he missed shots after shots and every shot he missed ensured his success.

The lesson is if you fall down, get up and start over. The game never ends unless you end it.
24.  Make it Your Priority


We often complain of our busy schedule and not having time for doing the most important thing that needs to be done.

It is not a matter of time. It is a matter of priorities. We allocate time to tasks based on their priorities. In simple words what we think is important we do it first.

“I don’t have time.”


“ I am so busy.”

Or When

“ When I finish this and that, then I will..”

These are all excuses; lame ones.

Do you know how busy the President of the United States is? Aides, congressmen, staffers, media and all sorts of people around the President, yet the

President of the United States exercises 30 minutes a day to keep himself fit.

If the President of the United States can prioritise and find time for it, why can’t you?

That time will never come when you will be completely free to focus on your health, fitness, and fat loss!

That time is already here. Stop making excuses and start before it is too late.


25. Believe in Yourself

Most obese people fail because they don’t believe in themselves. Eliminate the phrase “I can’t do it” from your dictionary.

If you think that you cannot run a mile, you will never run even half a mile.

You know people who can climb up Mount Everest think higher than the Mount itself. Why?

It is thinking big that can take you higher.

Last year, we hiked up to Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales, for charity.

We had a 60 years old chap in our company and when I asked how did he motivate himself, he said,” I always think that I can do it.”

Trust yourself. Always say to yourself, ” I can do it” and next you will find yourself having done it.

Once you do it, say to yourself, ” I did it”

26. Reward Yourself – Have a Cheat Day

Cheat days work. When I followed Dr Charles Livingston’s fat loss factor, I loved his cheat days. Trust me they work.

Cheat days serve two purposes: psychological and physical.

Psychologically, you do not feel any sense of deprivation as you can still eat whatever you want on your cheat days.

Physiologically, as the body no more craves the crap, you naturally do not want to eat junk.

One or two cheat days work great. I had cheat days over the weekend. Try them.

I eat chocolate, ice-cream and whatever I want.

When some people see me eating that stuff on a cheat day, they are shocked by remarking how come I was on a diet.

“I am on a diet that I can eat anything I like” keeps them amazed and curious.

27. Think of the Big Picture

With everything new we often forget to look at the bigger picture and limit ourselves to immediate consequences. Not looking at the big picture creates hurdles.

A brand new learner driver will look at his steering wheel and just what is in the front of the car. He may even try to look at his feet on the pedals!

An experienced driver looks at front, behind and sideways. His sight goes beyond the immediate.

Visualise how smart you will be looking in a couple of months. Thinks of the tons of health benefits you will be getting from your fat loss plan.

Imagine yourself at work place, parties or occasions and people appreciating your efforts. Once people around you know that you accomplished that feat, they will ask for advice too.

28.  Go Beyond the Barrier

When you are learning a new skill, success comes only once you cross the learning barrier.

Learning to ride a bike is a good example. You must pass those initial fallings. If you fall, you do not fail. You fail only when fail to pass the fall!

Every success lies beyond a barrier. When I hit the gym, the first 10 minutes on the tread mill are the hardest.

After the initial 10 minutes, the body overcomes the barrier and you can continue further with much ease.

Ask those who have tried to quit smoking. It is only the first couple of weeks that you feel strong craving for nicotine and the urge to smoke.

Once you cross that barrier you hit a big death blow to the craving monster inside you.

Don’t be discouraged by the seeming difficulty in the beginning. Within a few days or weeks all becomes normal.

People who go beyond the barrier can see things which cannot be seen by those who stay behind the barrier.

beyond the horizon
29. Get Yourself Educated

Some people think that they don’t need a coach or fitness expert’s advice. Unless you know enough about fitness and health, it goes a long way to get expert advice.

Taking a few training sessions will open new doors of knowledge to you teaching you how to lose weight in 2018.

Once you attend some training sessions, you will feel interested to read further.

You will learn new terms, phrases and health related expressions. People will listen to you when the conversion comes up.

When you impart advice to others, it is but natural that you will act on the same advice yourself.

Fitness experts have reach to this stage after years of efforts, training, knowledge and teaching.

Experts are people who can summarise an ocean of knowledge in a few words.

30. Keep Reading Health Related Stuff

Subscribing to fitness magazines and blogs is an excellent way to keep yourself informed and updated.

Receiving an email from a blog you subscribed will constantly refresh your knowledge and motivation.

Similarly subscribing to a health and fitness magazine is highly beneficial. You will find a lot of useful tips and expert advice in these magazines.

Our mind acts in a similar way as our bodies. When eat junk, we get overweight, obese and attract diseases. Garbage in, garbage out.

Similarly we mould our thinking by feeding our mind. Feed your mind with junk, the output will be no different.

I recently talked a colleague who was rather depressed in life. His expressions were full of words like F***k and sh**t.

When I talked to him what does he read as he always brings a book in his bag, the first title he showed me read something like “The Biggest Shit of Life” or something like that.

So crap in is crap out.

31. Make it Fun

You cannot stay motivated unless you enjoy what you do. Someone rightly said that if you do not want to work at all, do what you enjoy

Losing weight in 2018 should be a great fun rather than a boring chore.


People enjoy going to gym, some enjoy walking while others may like running or cycling.

Just choose the activity you like the most. I recently found that hula hooping is such a great fun.

I bought an adult size good quality and we do it indoor every day. By “we” I mean my wife, children and me.

We do a lot of laughing. We lose weight, get in shape and have a great fun.

32. Try a Sport You Love

Do you hate gym? Do you hate walking or running outside? Maybe you love badminton or table tennis? Try them.

My wife hats gym. Ask her to do anything except talk about gym.

But, when it comes to badminton, she will leave anything for it.

She loves it. She enjoys it to max. She play 4 days a week.

Remember, any exercise that is a psychological burden is not going to have positive results.

For people who cannot take challenges, fitness experts advise to play spot rather than dry workouts. While playing sport, you do not feel forced. Have you noticed how fast time passes when you are playing your favourite sport as compared to anything you do not enjoy.

My friend Ali regularly joins me in the local gym. He straights away jumps on the treadmill and leaves the gym after an hour without touching any other equipment. How can he do that? He loves and enjoys it.

33. Walk or Bike to Work

Every little bit helps. An ocean is made of drops of water.

Walking or biking to work instead of driving saves you money, keeps the environment clean and melts your fat.

If it is practical to walk or cycle to your work, it is great. If not there are alternatives.

Next time you go to pick your milk from the corner shop, just walk.

Or maybe, you go to the supermarket in your car, park it at the farthest parking bay possible. Apply the same strategy at work, bus station etc.

Another useful tip is to walk up the stairs rather than taking lifts. Taking stairs twice a day adds up over time.

34. Save Yourself Money

Are you addicted to coke and sweets? Next time, you feel the craving, put the money in a money box or jar. After a month, you would have save enough money to reward yourself in a much healthier way.

35. Take One Step at a Time

You may feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start exactly. It happens. There is nothing to worry as you do not have to start everything at once.

Take one step at a time and do it over and over again so it becomes your second nature.

Then move on to the next step.

Someone rightly said that if you had to eat an elephant what would be your best strategy to do it?

The best strategy to eat the whole elephant is one bite at a time until you finish the whole.

Start with something which is relatively easier. Then move on to a little bit more difficult and so on.

Anyone can do it if they take one step at a time.

36. Try 3 Weeks Diet and Weight Loss Program 217

Now you must think why I am recommending the 3 Week Diet Program.

The main reason is that I tried it myself. It is all based on science and evidence. You may noticed from this guide that I quoted several studies, authors and books as I believe in evidence.

As the 3 week diet program exactly follows the same path, I highly recommend you have a look at it.

There are three levels of the program and you can follow any of the levels depending upon your goals.

What I really like about the 3 week diet and weight loss 2018 program is that it changes your life style in a way that you do not feel yourself deprived of anything.

It is a mind blowing educational plan that changes your whole outlook.

The 3 week diet program is simply not a weight loss or diet plan, it is the road to health and fitness. I call it the motor way to your overall health and fitness goals.

To find more about the program, watch this video presentation.

37. Keep Your Mouth Shut

Remember the saying, speech is silver but silence is golden?

Yes, it is true. Sometimes, you will find people around yourself with remarks which are demotivating leading to discouragement.

This could be either bad advice or out of jealousy.

I recently came across someone who put excellent efforts and lost 100 lbs. by cutting sugary drink, junk food and taking exercise. This is simply awesome.

What he disclosed that people around him in the work took notice of his losing weight and instead to offer appreciation, encouragement and support, they actually made fun of him.

It is the nature of those people who are unable to accomplish anything. They criticise others for their own incompetence and non-action.

It is not unusual for such people to plant the seed of negativity and get you discouraged by offering counterproductive advice.

These are sorts of people who cannot overcome their own faults and shortcomings. They are unable to plan.

They lack the desire and willpower. In order to cover their own inability, lack of drive, lack of self-motivation, lack of wisdom and courage, they will try to pull your leg.

Just keep silent and ignore. It is even better to avoid company of people with negative thinking.

Reality is when you put your hard work to achieve some goals, some folk will get upset. Why? Because, you are indirectly reminding them that “THEY ARE LAZY.”

Do you know that even some people may want you to succeed, but they never want you to be better than them.


If you follow the guidelines in this guide, there is no reason why should you not lose weigth in 2018 and stay smart for the rest of your life. I have tried my best to refer to as many published studies as possible. I have also tried to refer to well-known and reputed authors. So, what I teach here is well supported by evidence and a lot of common sense.

Further, this guide does not focus only how to lose weight in 2018, it also advocates how can you adopt a healthy life style and make permanent changes to your life.

In the end, I highly recommend to have a look at the 3 Week Diet Program. It is all based on established science, tried and tested by a massive number of people with great success. Make 2018 as your foundation for permanent change and remember nothing happens unless you take action.


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