19 Reasons Why Turmeric Is The Best Spice Ever

turmeric sticks

Though you may not necessarily realize it, there are some spices which are superior to others. You will absolutely love what turmeric can do for your body and for your health in the long term. If you ever wondered if this was a spice worth trying out, here are many reasons why turmeric is very well the best spice for you ever.

1. It can help with depression

If you suffer from depression then you are often prescribed any number of medications. The problem is that they have many side effects to them which are undesirable. Many find that a daily serving of turmeric can offer all of the wonderful health benefits and balance out the mood much in the same way that medications can. You won’t have any issues and turmeric may help to balance you out mentally and emotionally, thus combating the depression that you may feel.

2. It can act as an anti-coagulant

If you need help in regulating blood flow and ensuring that it clots the proper way, then turmeric can be the best way to accomplish this without medication. It can neutralize the body and act as a buffer which in turn means that you get the flow that you need. Some say that taking turmeric each day can offer the same if not better benefits than medications in this category.

3. It can help with pain relief

fine turmeric with sticksThere are so many wonderful properties to turmeric and one of them is that it works as a natural antiseptic. Yes it can help to fight off infection, but it can also lessen any pain that you may feel. Therefore think of this as your helpful way of taking in a pain reliever without any of the undesirable side effects that you may suffer from.

4. It can help to naturally lower cholesterol

It’s not just a great spice, but it’s also a true superfood. Turmeric can help to neutralize the body and solve health problems such as high cholesterol. You don’t have to worry about this health problem moving forward if you make turmeric a part of your daily life—you will see your cholesterol level come down and stay down for good.

5. It helps wounds to heal faster

You may not realize that turmeric is a natural antiseptic because it has such amazing properties. It can help to heal wounds because it has a natural antibacterial and antiseptic property to it which means that it serves as a wonderful disinfectant. You can use it as a topical but most people just find that increasing their consumption works sufficiently in this capacity.

6. It helps to fight inflammation

It doesn’t just help you to deal with inflammation, but rather it helps to fight it off altogether. If you have issues such as arthritis and you have inflammation within the body, then turmeric is a wonderful help. Even if you have some sort of injury and you want to fight off the inflammation that comes with it, this can be your best source for fighting off the pain and ensuring that this doesn’t get the best of you.

7. It balances out blood sugar levels

This is an important feature for those who suffer from diabetes, but it goes much further than that. Even if you are somebody who has highs and lows within blood sugar levels and feels the effect of it, this spice can help tremendously. You will feel so much more balanced and therefore it’s as if you are eating the proper snacks to ensure that you never get cut too short.

8. It balances out your mood

Turmeric rawYou just feel better after you eat something with turmeric in it, and that’s not just your imagination. You actually are helping the body to balance out your hormones and your emotions. It can work much the same way as an antidepressant, and therefore you may eventually turn to this spice in lieu of medication to help you to feel better mentally and emotionally.

9. It can soothe irritated tissue

Using turmeric helps to soothe any irritation that may be felt within the body. This one spice acts as a buffer and therefore ensures that the body does not feel the pain that irritated tissue can present. You may not notice the irritated tissue but if you do the pain will go away—and over time the turmeric can help you to work through the irritated tissue as well.

10. It helps with stiff and painful joints

What many have found is that turmeric can work much the same way that ibuprofen does. Therefore if you are suffering from stiff and painful joints, turmeric can work as your natural and very effective pain reliever. This is such great news and add to it the fact that it can help to solve the inflammation that may lead to this problem in the first place.

11. It acts as a natural cancer treatment in conjunction with other things

This has a lot of research behind it but it may not be as extensively proven as the rest. In this instance you will find that using turmeric regularly when combined with other forms of treatment may help to treat cancer. You have to be diligent with your consumption of turmeric, and you also must take the prescribed treatment method in conjunction. If used early enough, it is believed that turmeric may very well help to prevent cancer as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

12. It can help tremendously with arthritis

It gets to the heart of the inflammation which causes arthritis in the first place. It helps to relieve the pain that you feel, but it also helps your body to work through the inflammation. This can ultimately mean less painful bouts of pain and far less difficulties in coping. You may still have arthritis depending upon the severity, but you most certainly are not going to suffer from it as much and you will be able to control it with turmeric.

13. It can help to manage diabetes

Not only can you even out your blood sugar levels as previously stated, but it can go further than that. When you eat or take in turmeric often enough, then you can help to reverse insulin resistance. You may not need to take insulin for the long term and you may just find that this is all you need to reverse the diabetes in the long term. This can be particularly helpful if you are prone to diabetes through family history.

14. It can combat gastrointestinal issues

It can help with so many different gastrointestinal issues that you may suffer from. It can help with nausea, diarrhea, constipation, stomach irritation, acid reflux, and so much more. If you suffer from anything from IBS to Chron’s Disease, then you can get the help that you need and get rid of those symptoms for good.

15. It can take the place of many medications

You may take medication for so many different health conditions. Turning to turmeric though may open the door to newfound home remedies and offer the same wonderful benefits. You may find that taking it for one health condition or issue can help with so much more. Though you may not necessarily realize the impact of this spice, just try it for one health condition and see how much more it may help with moving forward.

16. It can act as a more natural steroid

Think of the things that you turn to steroids for and you will find that this one spice can help in the same capacity, and it may be even more effective. Think of things like acne or skin issues, healing, pain and inflammation—turmeric helps with these and so much more. Therefore if you get into the habit of taking this spice often then it can act as a steroid without any of the horrible side effects that you may otherwise face.

17. It can help with ulcers

It can help to calm down digestion, but it can also neutralize the stomach. So when you have that horrible acidic feeling and the pain of an ulcer is acting up, then taking some turmeric may be all that it takes to fix this. It can help to prevent ulcers but may also help to soothe the pain and irritation that is so often associated with them too.

18. It can help to naturally stimulate the metabolism and natural weight loss

It is a pungent spice which means that it can help to sustain your appetite. If you eat something that has turmeric in it, then it will help to curb your appetite. It may help you to eat less, and it is also stimulating your metabolism. So you may eat less and you are going to naturally lose the weight and keep it off which is key.

19. It can be a supplement and part of an overall healthy lifestyle

This is what you should look to this powerful supplement for. It can ultimately help to act as a supplement and home remedy for so many things that you may face. That means that you should take it as you would a vitamin or other supplement. If you take it routinely or cook with it, then you are going to give yourself the many health benefits.

Consider this another part of your healthy lifestyle and it will help to make your results that much more enjoyable. If you are truly taking good care of yourself by eating right, exercising, and learning to manage your stress and rest, then this type of spice and supplement will help you that much more!

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