15 Proven Ways That Help You Lose Weight Without Any Exercise or Diet


Is it at all possible to lose weight without any exercise or following any particular diet? The answer is “yes, it is possible.”

But why would you not exercise? I do understand that those who have some sort of physical issues making it either difficult or impossible to exercise, have a genuine excuse. For such people the good news is that exercise is a only a small part of the whole game. It is really an icing on the cake and 90 percent of the weight loss battle is won without the use of any exercise with or without equipment.

how to lose belly fat without exerciseBefore I show you the ways to lose weight without exercise or without going to gym and without taking any pills, let me remind you that you should do whatever the least of exercise you can do. Exercise does not mean running with a double speed on a tread mill in the gym or any sort of such strenuous cardio workout. It may be any activity according to your own physical strength and ability. So if you can, then do it, for weight loss is not the only benefit of physical exercise. There are tons of other health benefits that you can derive with some sort of physical activity i.e. exercise.

However, if you, for any reason, do not like the idea of exercise at all, or your are physically handicapped, you still have many ways to lose weight. It does not matter you are a teenager or much older. You do not have to take diet pills, supplements, or follow any diet plan in the strictest sense. The beauty of these tips is that you do not have to limit yourself to one week, two weeks or beyond. These few tips and tricks should not be followed for a month or two, but should be part and parcel of your life-style. If you stick to them for one month (30 days), they will become your habits and you will follow them naturally without any conscious effort on your part.

1. Drink A Glass of Water Before Meal

It is said that drinking a glass of water before meal is gold, in the middle of the meal it is silver, while at the end it is iron. Water is best before meal. It serves many purposes. It fills the space in your stomach and you feel full sooner and hence eat less. Consequently, you will consume less calories and lose more fat.

Water also detoxifies the system by flushing the toxins out of the body. It aids in digestion and helps regulate the functions of the gut. A BBC reports confirms that water contains no calories and it fills the space in the stomach leading to the feeling of fullness.

A study conducted in Virginia found that people who drank a glass of water before meals three times a day lost 5 lbs extra. In the study, participants were divided into two groups: with one group given water before meals while the other did not drink it.

Professor Brenda Davy of Virgina Tech says that people should drink more water and avoid drinks that contain high sugar. This way they can follow a simple way to manage their weight.

Apart from helping to burn your fat, water also helps to improve your skin and energizes your day. So the first step for the no-exercise fat loss plan is to regularly drink water before every meal.

2. Herbal Tea After Meals

Herbal teal can help with digestion, reduce flatulence, relieve stomach cramps and assist in processing food.

Some herbal teas like green tea has been found to have scores of health benefits, weight management being only one of them. Taking herbal tea after a meal helps in digestion which may improve the body’s rate of burning calories.

According to a study which was conducted in Germany and published in the June 2009 issue of Nutrition & Metabolism, it was found that white tea may stop the generation of new fat cells and at the same time stimulate the burning of fat.

3. Reduce Your Speed, Eat Slowly

According to Reader’s Digest, eating slowly is a strategy that can help reduce your weight. There are a few explanations to this.

First, our brain records the feeling of fullness about 20 minutes after our stomach gets food. People who eat faster, overeat because their brain does not receive the food signals up to 20 minutes and they may continue eating. By the time the brain receives the signals they would have overeaten and already feeling bloating and overfull. So, if you eat slowly and on average take around 20 minutes while to finish your plate, the brain will receive the signal well in time and you will stop eating after feeling being full.

Secondly, Once you chew the food well in your mouth, it becomes not only delicious and tasty, it is also coated in food digesting enzymes contained in the saliva. This fulfills half the job of the stomach before the food gets into it.

Lastly, when it reaches the stomach, it is already chewed properly and coated in enzymes. It becomes easier for the stomach to digest and assimilate it, and hence the rate of metabolism increases resulting in burning of calories at a faster pace.

In his landmark book, I Can Make You Thin, Paul McKenna explained this phenomenon in detail and confirmed that naturally slim or skinny people have the common habit of naturally eating slow.
belly fat loss for women
4. Eat only When You Are Hungry

Research indicates that many people, especially those who are obese or overweight, eat not because they are hungry, rather they are emotionally attached to food. Such emotional eating can be due to bad habits, stress and boredom. It is always best to avoid emotional eating. Emotional eating causes significant weight gain because the body actually does not need food and so the excess food is sorted in the form of fat.

Hunger is a natural response of the body to food. So eat only when your are really hungry. Scientist at Cornell University in New York found that those who consumed less and ate what their bodies actually required i.e. hungry lost weight.

According to Sparkpeople.com, people may eat because of the following 10 reasons even when they are not hungry.

  1. To cope
  2. Boredom
  3. Because Other People are Eating
  4. Because food is there
  5. Because it is a special occasion
  6. You are tired
  7. The clock says so
  8. It is free
  9. You cannot say No
  10. Clean plate syndrome

5. Act on the Principles of Hibernation Diet

For those who are too lazy and can neither follow a diet nor any exercise, the Hibernation diet is the answer. Hibernation diet means that you lose weight when you are asleep. Interesting, isn’t? To know more about the diet, grab the book Hibernation diet by Mike, Stuart and Maggie. Click here to see the book.

6. Honey and Cinnamon

There are thousand upon thousand  who swear by the tons of benefits derived from taking a mixture of honey and cinnamon. Among the many health benefits of honey and cinnamon, weight loss is one. Just add a teaspoon of honey into a Ceylon cinnamon and drink it half an hour before breakfast in the morning. Works wonders.

7. Eat or Not to Eat Breakfast

Traditionally, nutritional experts believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. They stress that to keep the body working on the right track, a good healthy breakfast is essential. However, this is some disagreement about this. Dr Charles Livingston of the Fat Loss Factor states otherwise. According to Dr Charles, if you skip your breakfast or just delay your first meal till noon, your are getting ready your body to jump start calories burning.

 8. Fast or not to Fast

Skipping meals has not been recommended and many dietician discourage it. They think that the body responds to longer intervals of not eating by going into  starvation mode. In this mode the body stores the fat because it thinks of a famine coming. However, some dietician and weight loss expert believe that fasting for a period of 24 hours or more detoxifies the body and expedite the fat burning process.

 9. Reduce stress eating

As mentioned earlier, stress is one of the reasons of eating food without being really hungry. The body does not need the food eaten for stress reasons and put it aside as fat.

 10.  Dim the Light and Lower the Noise

A study conduced by Brain Wansink, Phd. Says that brighter light and loud music makes people eat more than when in dim and low music. Moreover, hot food is consumed more as compared to cold food.

11. Avoid Portions Distortions

This is another golden principle of consuming less calories. You still eat the food you want. By reducing the size of your portion, you take a long stride towards reducing your weight. If you eat six times a day, cutting your portion by a quarter will not let you feel hungry and you will still create a deficit of 600 calories daily on average. A simple math will explain how much can you burn in a month time

600*365/12=18250/12=5.21lbs a month!

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), over the past 20 years portion size has grown so much that  today’s portion is equal to serve 3 people of that time. This is what the NHLBI calls portion distortion.

12. Substitute Junk for Healthy

This does not have to be done simply for the sake of weight loss. Whether you want to lose weight or not, substituting junk for healthier food is a wiser strategy for long term health. Here are just a few examples.

  • Probiotic yoghurt for Icecream
  • Cookies for Fig Bars
  • Soda for pure Fresh Furit Juice
  • Pop Corns for Potato chips

13. Sleep More

The right amount of sleep is crucial in maintain the right weight. Excessive sleep leads to laziness and boredom which may lead to emotional eating. Less sleep also leads to stress and creates a desire to eat when you are not hungry. If you stay late at night, you might consume a few hundred calories in the form of snacks which could be avoided by going early to bed.

According to Dr Hallschmid sleep deprivation can raise levels of appetite hormones like ghrelin which revs appetite and can lead to hundreds of extra calories than when you have enough amount of sleep and well rested.

14. Think Thin – The Self Fulfilling Prophecy

What you think is what you get. According to a study 59 percent of women who had ideal weight became over weight during a span of 10 years simply by thinking that they were overweight. Susan Albers, psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic says that the weight gain happened because of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

The mindset is an important contributing factor to weight gain or loss. If you think that you are overweight, you may end up in eating habits that contribute significantly to weight gain. So think thin.

15.  Use a Time Tested Healthy Plan

I am not a big fan of diet plans especially those which come with crazy new ideas and fad away within a few weeks. They are nothing but hype diets and marketing slogans used by the “so called” experts to extract money off people’s pocket.

However, I do like the book by Dr Charles Livingston known as the Fat Loss Factor. The book is based on the principles of improving the rate of metabolism and adopting an easy and healthy life style. It tells you how to lose a significant amount of weight without resorting to pills, supplements and fade diets. Here is a real review of Shayrin Smith Who lost 30 pounds in one month.

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