10 Uses of Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks

ceylon cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon sticks are bark of the cinnamon tree. These are cut into pieces of normally 3 to 4 inches long and sold in jars and bags etc. The powder on the other hand is the crushed form of the bark. The powdered form is also known as ground cinnamon.

How to use Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon sticks have a wide range of uses. It is mostly used for health, food, flavoring, aroma and common ailments. In the following lines, I have listed top 10 common uses of cinnamon with brief explanation.

1.   Incensed Cinnamon Sticks

The uses of cinnamon are not limited to food and cooking only. You can buy sticks which are incensed for great and lovely smell. Many people love the incensed sticks for their light, aromatic and pleasant fragrance. These are available both online and in the offline stores. Good thing, these sticks are not expensive as usually expected. To buy cheap click here.

2. Use them for straw

No more plastic straws. Substitute them for healthier ones by converting cinnamon sticks into straws. Most people would like to use them as straws in hot chocolate. You can use them as straws with any of your favorite drink.

2. Stir Sticks

Instead of using your spoon to stir your coffee, tea, hot chocolate or drink, use your cinnamon sticks instead. This will not only stir you drink, but also add a healthy flavor to it.
3. Infuse Liquid and Desserts

Leave them in warm liquids or deserts for a while. It will slowly infuse your liquid or dessert with a nice flavor.

4. Air Freshener

Boil water and put a few sticks in. Leave on minimum heat and see your house full of great fragrance.

5. Enhance the taste of your coffee and tea

Break one stick into small pieces and add to your hot mug of coffee or tea and see its wonderful aroma and flavor.

6. Add it to the Rice

While cooking rice, add a stick to boiling rice. You will feel sophisticated smell, great taste and wonderful aroma of the rice. Adding some turmeric will make the rice yellow and even more appetizing.

7. Get Rid of Bad Athlete Foot

Break the cinnamon stick into pieces and add to hot water. Leave for a while until it is moderately warm. Immerse your feet in the water. The anti-fungal properties of the cinnamon will heal athlete foot.

8. Make a Refreshing Drink.

Boil water and add a stick of cinnamon to it. Leave the water until it cools down. Pour the water into a drinking bottle and refrigerate. You can enjoy it either at home or work as a great refreshing drink. Adding some lemon and honey will make an excellent energy boosting drink.

9. Use as Tooth Picks

You can buy nice tooth picks sticks made of Ceylon cinnamon. It refreshes breath and kills the bad bacteria in mouth.

10. Add a stick to curry

Adding a whole stick to curry enhances the flavor and taste and makes the curry mouth watering.

Wholesale or Bulk Buy

Due to its medicinal properties, popularity in kitchen and quick recipes; it is worth to buy them in bulk or wholesale. There is a good reason to go for bulk buy if you resell them or just want to use them commercially. You can also buy in large quantity to store them at home as these last longer with a good length of shelf life.

Sizes of Cinnamon Sticks

As these sticks are just bark of the cinnamon tree, these can be cut into any sizes. There average size available in the market is 3 to 4 inches. Some health food shops have them in quite long sizes.

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