10 Killers Steps to Get Motivated on Losing Weight and Keep Yourself in Great Shape

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For most people it is not difficult to embark on a weight or fat loss program, it is keeping up the work which they fail on.

They select their favorite diet program, schedule their exercise routine, bring changes in their life style, think of their perfect and ideal shape, yet they never get to where they want to be!

According to a study by the University of Scranton Journal of Psychology, weight loss is the top most category of New Year’s resolution. According to the source 45% American make such New Year’s resolution but surprisingly 92% of them fail.

In as less as a week time, most people get demotivated and give up.

In this post I am going to share with you some practical and easy but killer steps to keep your motivation and moral high and achieve your goal of getting to your desired weight and shape.

People who give up are simply losers of their goals, while the winners are losers. I.e. they win the game and lose the weight.



1. Do Not Weigh Yourself Every Day

According to a study published in the Annals of Behavior, people who weigh themselves on a daily basis are more successful on their weight loss program than those who do it on a weekly basis.

The study has also been quoted by Women’s Health in their online post. However, I have seen it contrary to the experience of those on any diet or fat loss program.

It has been observed that people who weigh themselves on a daily basis lose their motivation soon and abandon the plan or program they started.

One of the many reasons behind that type of de-motivation is the little or no progress in they see in a day. Unless you are on a crash or extreme diet – which is not recommended- it is highly possible that you do not lose any significant amount in a day time. It can be very small and even may not be shown on the weight machine.

Your body also needs to adjust to the new patter and may go on to starvation mode and thereby storing more fat than losing it.

Even if you lose, the initial pound drop may be only water weight. The real fat loss is a slow process and when you do not see the same progress after the initial water loss, you may get discouraged.

Demotivation also hits when you regain the initial water loss.

It is therefore, not recommended to weight yourself on a daily basis.

The minimum interval between each time you weight yourself should be one week. The NHS in the UK recommend minimum 2 weeks. I personally like to leave it to a month to reach at some real conclusions.

2. Set Realistic Goals300x250-VenusFactor-1022

Realism is the foundation for a successful weight loss strategy. Unrealistic goals are unattainable. If your goals are too high, you may get demotivated within a few days finding it too difficult to achieve your ideal weight.

Setting up too low is no good, too. When goals are too low, the progress is very slow, you do not find it challenging enough to continue. Too slow is boring and you lose interest instead of weight!

3. Think Long Term

Unless you aim is to lose weight temporarily for a certain occasion, your aim should be to get into shape permanently. This is only possible if you have a long term plan ahead.

Slowly introducing each step overtime brings more fruitful and lasting results. Think how you will look in six months instead of six days.

4. Idealize Your Goals

Whenever you find yourself in low spirit, think about the gains. Think how smart you will look once you accomplish your goals. How confident will you feel among people when everyone would be asking you the strategy and how you accomplished the feat?

Once you can idealize yourself and see yourself imaginatively, your motivation level raises.

5. Do Not Commiserate, Celebrate!

What if you find people around you binging on all kind of food while you are looking at them feeling deprived. Do not pity yourself. Pity those around you. You are not off the track. Each time you avoid the craving by not participating in devouring, you are punching a big blow on the face of sense of deprivation.

Instead of pitying and commiserating, start celebrating. You are losing nothing but weight.

The only difference between those who succeed and those who fail is that the former celebrate while the latter commiserate.

6. Visualize the New Smart Slimmer You

Why not visualize yourself as slimmer and smarter. Imagine yourself wearing a brand new fantastic slim fit dress. Imagine yourself wearing a tight pair of jeans. How great would you feel? It helps and keep you focused.

7. Get Back on Track

If you get a setback, do not worry. All is not lost. Ignore the set back and get back on track again.

Failure is not the end of the game. Many times, failure is the stepping stone of success. It is not failure that kills your success, it is giving up.

7. Cheat Yourself

Most successful program allows for cheat days. It works. When you have a cheat day to eat whatever you like, you do not feel deprived of anything. Your cravings stay at low level. A cheat day in a week is a super push to keep yourself in high spirits.

When I was doing the Fat Loss Factor, I included two cheat days in a week. Chocolate, crisps and ice-creams were my favorite cheating companions.

8. Start in a Group

Joining a group is a great way to stay focused. A group is not necessarily any formal group. It can be your close friends, family members etc.

We started the belly fat blast within our family. We would check, call and compare results. Everybody would compete to excel. It worked like a charm. Within a few weeks we had wonderful results.

9. Share Your Results

It works great when you share your story with other people. Spread it among your family, friends and contacts. You may also share it using blog post, commenting, twitter and Facebook.

Most people will leave you encouraging comments which can prove to be a great support to your goals. Other people may share their own stories of success which act as great motivators.

10. Be Positive

This is the most important of all, never mind mentioned last. Unless you stay positive, there is no chance. Eliminate all the negative thinking. Think of the pay off. All you doing is for good reasons. You are doing something which is to be appreciated, encouraged and supported.

Stay positive will not only help you achieve your weight loss goals, but you also get tons of other health benefits.


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