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51 Worst Diseases and Conditions to Treat with Black Seed Oil

50 cures

Nigella sativa or black seed is a miracle cure which can cure any disease. It is a well-known tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that this seed is a cure for any disease except death. Since then, this miracle plant has drawn the attention of millions of people around the world. Not only has it been used by millions and millions of people to successfully cure chronic and acute conditions, it has recently also drawn the attention of scientific research.

Many studies, both in the East and the West, have been conducted to investigate the positive effects of the herb on diseases. There have been studies which support the anecdotal evidence of patients who have cured their conditions with the seed. Yet, there is still a need to further investigate the possible clinical use of the miracle herb in treating the most complicated conditions.

As mentioned earlier, there is not limit to the list of diseases it can be used for the treatment of several ailments. For every disease, God sent a cure. The following list contains only some of the very common conditions that black seed can be effectively used for. All the remedies shown for each condition is based on the best possible combination or based on the practical use related by people in various sources.

1. Baldness and Hair Loss

Loss of hair could be either due to age or some other underlying conditions. People have reported to have improved the growth of hair using black seed oil.

Just pour some oil in your palm and rub both hands against each other. Massage then to the scalp, especially the bald areas.

2. Beard Growth

If you have a thin beard and wants to make it thick, black seed is the solution. Just take some and massage in to the beard. Make sure it reaches the roots.

3. Bee and Wasp Stings

When I was a child, I used to “to make the wasps and bees angry” by inserting thins sticks in the wall, naughty, any? I used to get stung and when it was on the face, I would not get out three days and stay at home. The reason that my face would be so swollen that I would become a good laughing stock for my friends. I did not know at the time the miracle of black seed

Boil the seeds in water and apply to the stings.

4. Cancer and Tumors

Crush fresh cloves of garlic and mix with honey and black seed or its oil. Take a teaspoon three times a day.

5. Cardiovascular

Mix half a teaspoon of the oil with warm water and drink before breakfast.

6. Radiant Skin and Face

Mix the oil with some olive oil and honey. Apply to face or skin and leave for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water. It makes the skin glow.

7. Chest Congestion

Take one teaspoon twice a day. If you mix it with honey, it works wonders.

8. Cough

Mix an equal amount of the oil with raw honey. Take a teaspoon of the mixture twice a day.

9. Diabetes

Mix the oil with raw or manuka honey. Take one teaspoon twice a day. Do not take sugar and other foods that cause diabetes.

10. Diarrhea

Put one teaspoon of the oil in one cup of yogurt and drink twice a day. If you add honey, it will add to the taste to make it yummy and heal you faster.

11. Earache

Take a few drops of olive and mix it with a few drops of black seed oil. Put three to five drops in the ear. Please note if you have perforated drum, ask your doctor.

12. Eye Disease and Vision

Carrots are known for making the eye sight better. Mix half a teaspoon of oil with one cup of carrot and drink.

13. Flue and Colds

Mix one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of black seed oil and take twice a day. For best results, use raw or local organic honey.

 14. Facial Paralysis

Boil the water and add one teaspoon of oil and inhale the fumes.

15. Nasal Congestion

Place only 3 drops in each nostril to ease the congestion

16. Gallstones

Take one tablespoon of black seed and mix it with honey and warm water. Drink twice a day. You can also mix half a cup of olive oil with a tablespoon of black seed and raw honey. Drink the solution on empty stomach before going to bed.

17. Liver Stones

Same as above.

18. Gas and Flatulence

Mix honey and black seed in equal amount and take first thing in the morning.

19. Hemorrhoids

Mix honey, black seed and oil in equal amount and drink. You can also apply the paste to the itching area.

20. Premature Gray Hair

Mix an equal amount of olive and black seed oil and massage in to the scalp. Wash with warm water after an hour.

21. Headaches and Migraines

Mix black seed oil and honey in equal proportion and eat twice a day. For quick result put a few drops in nostrils and rub on the temples.

22. High Blood Pressure

Boil water and add one teaspoon of the oil. Leave it until it is moderately warm and then drink. For best results, mix garlic with black seed and eat.

23. Hypertension

Take half a teaspoon in warm water and drink.

24. Boosting Immunity

Take one teaspoon of the oil twice a day for general well being.

25. Breast Feeding and Lactation

Mix honey and the oil in equal amount. Take one teaspoon every day.

 26. Boosting Memory

Take a half teaspoon of the oil with half a teaspoon of raw honey. Take twice a day.

 27. Moles

Make a paste of honey and black seed oil and apply to moles.

28. Mosquitoes

In hot countries, it is often a big problem especially at night. Put some black seed oil in the incense burner and enjoy a nice and sound sleep.

29. Mouth Infection

Take half a teaspoon and swish around in your mouth for 5 minutes.

30. Gingivitis

Do the same procedure as above.

31. Nose and Throat Conditions

Make a mixture of the oil with lemon juice and honey. Take twice a day.

 32. Back Pain

Rub the oil on the back before going to bed. Eat honey and black seed or its oil.

33. Muscular Pain

Apply the oil to the area where there is pain and massage gently for a few minutes.

34. Rheumatic Pains

Mix black seed and honey and eat daily in small amount. Rub the oil on the aching areas gently.

 35. Stomach Pain

Take a teaspoon of black seed with honey. Also mix some honey in a peppermint tea and sip it while it is lightly warm.

36. Tooth ache

Boil cider vinegar and black seed and rinse the mouth with the liquid. Repeat twice a day until the pain is gone.

37. Gum infection

Take some oil and rub them on the gums gently all rounds. Repeat twice a day.

38. Weight Loss

Some people use it for weight loss with great results. It boost the metabolic rate so you may burn more calories. Take 1 a teaspoon in the morning and another at night.

39. Asthma

Take one teaspoon mixed with one teaspoon of honey.

40. Eczema

Mix one teaspoon of oil with one tablespoon of manuka honey and one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Apply the paste twice a day.

41. Bladder infection

One teaspoon of black seed or its oil with raw or manuka honey twice a day.

42. Infections

Crush two fresh garlic cloves and add one teaspoon of black seed with one tablespoon of honey. Eat twice a day. You can also apply it to external wounds. For external replace the seeds with oil.

43. Sore Throat

Mix one teaspoon with fresh lemon juice and honey. Take twice a day.

44. Cold and Flue

Take one teaspoon of oil before break fast.

45. Nasal Congestion

Put 3 drops in each nostril.

46. Chest congestion

Massage gently on the chest.

47. Hemorrhoids

Take one teaspoon twice a day. Mix honey and olive and apply the paste to the itching area.

48. Gas and flatulence

Take one teaspoon twice a day.

49. Toothache

Dip a cotton ball in the oil and place it on aching tooth.

50. Insomnia

Mix one teaspoon with one tablespoon of honey and eat before going to bed.`

51. Dry Mouth

To treat dry mouth with black seed oil, take a table spoon and swish around your mouth for one minute and the spit out. Do not rinse your mouth with water for 30 minutes. You may also swallow on teaspoon twice a day for great results.

  • nyc

    Very happy someone told me about Black seed oil. I have two issues on the list above, so looking for progress.

    • Billy Joel

      So has this helped you using black seed oil

  • Jennifer Evans

    Can black seed oil cure cellulits

    • salman sovon

      Anything as we Muslim believe if the “Hadith” about black seed is authentic.

  • Ayieko Salim

    Hi. In most articles they will not give you duration. But if you buy the oil or packed seeds it contains additional instruction. For most simple ailments it takes 2 weeks to a month while for complicated diseases it can take 4 months to 6 months. Each person reacts differently – some faster some slower. As a child, my parents used to encourage me to take the seeds – I would scowl because the seeds when you chew on their own were bitter but later I discovered it keeps flu at bay, sinuses, gets rids of headaches, cures hypothyroid, etc. Then I became an avid fan – especially corrected a hypothyroid situation doctors had decided to put me on thyroxine forever and now I take none/hormones balanced perfectly. If you can make a habit of adding a drop or two daily in tea or fruit juice the better for you long term as you age progressively – not too much – with black seed less is better. Also the spoonful they refer too is very small not the usual tea spoon that is big – packaged oil and seeds come with the spoon for easy measurement. Also something no one has really documented is black seed is a powerful medicine that cures ailments coursed by spiritual possession and or witchcraft (it also works as a powerful exorcist medicine – both the seeds and the oil with a combination of other medicines) – so when a recurring ailment that doctors have failed to cure is treated by black seed; and then after a while comes back and each time you use black seed it disappears – then you need a healer to advise you what combination of medicines will work with black seed to have a permanent cure for the diseases that have man’s hand in it.

    • Zellon Ian M

      This is the first comment that is right on. There is a spiritual component to black seed oil and honey especially combined. the healing rate is also a solid approximation. thanks dude!!!

  • ali

    could this heal fribroid

    • gmeades

      fibroid tumors are caused by excess estrogen. Decrease estrogen by eliminating estrogen increasing foods, supplements, items in your environment. There are also herbs that are effective in decreasing estrogen. Sometimes estrogen replacement therapy prescribed by ones doctor is the cause of fibroid tumors (stop taking the synthetic estrogen, at least temporarily). By decreasing your estrogen levels, the fibroid tumors will rapidly begin to shrink, and will no longer occur once your estrogen levels have been brought under control

      • Maruan

        Our prophet mohammed peace be upon him said: black seed cures every disease unless death.

      • Liz

        So, long and short of it, it does not cure fibroid.

        • billy joy

          It doesn’t cure anything they all tell lies

  • Black seed oil is truly a amazing medicine. Black seed oil for diabetes bring benefits that are beyond simply lowering your blood sugar, but it addresses all underlying problems which leads to diabetes. Most of it owned to its powerful anti oxidant properties which protect the liver.

  • Daniel Sarfo

    How can I appiy blackseed to cure fibriod ,pile and stomache

  • Aurelia

    I have severe food allergies and digestive problems and have gradually become intolerant to all starchy foods, dairy and alcohol. When I react to a food, I have to take morphine for the pain it is so bad. After taking 1 teaspoon of black seed oil twice a day with honey for a week, I am now not reacting to rice or chick peas and legumes. My stomach is flat for the first time in 2 years and I am sleeping 8 hours a night instead of 14. It is amazing stuff – I’ll give it another month until I try chips but can’t wait!

    • Maruan

      Our prophet mohammed peace be upon him said: black seed cures every disease unless death.

      • Hadiza Abdullahi baby Angel

        Yes its true maraun

  • medgette

    Isabella hyperbaric medicine is a very good option HIV cannot survive 100% oxygen under pressure coconut oil will boost your immune system through the roof.

    • billy joy

      How do I do this

  • Donna Simer Martin

    Hello everyone. I’m the mother of a daughter whom is epileptic. For 9 years I have been researching and researching what I research. I’m done dealing with these epilepsy medicines that don’t work and take my daughters quality of life away. I’m going to work with her on weaning eventually off of her epilepsy medications with Panaseeda black cumin seed oil (Andreas Seed oil).
    I want to take this and Either Raw local honey or Raw organic Honey (which is the extreme thick) or The other thought of Manuka Honey which is from all I’ve ever researched is the best of the best when it comes to honey. I want to put the seed oil along with honey into capsules, but I don’t know how much per capsule because I don’t know what size capsules to use as there are quite a few different sizes. Then I’ve got to find someone who has actually gone through this to find out how they approached it in quantity of “how many capsules” to take daily without taking too many that is actually toxic

    • David

      black seed oil in combination with mauka honey is an excellent tonic. Because your daughter is only 5 years old, start with very small doses may be 1/3 teaspoon of black seed mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey.
      As a disclaimer, I am not a health expert so make sure you take call precautions.

      • Donna Simer Martin

        my youngest who has epilepsy and food allergies/asthma is 5 years old. My daughter who has Uncontrolled seizures and no medication is helping is 23 years old

        • saba

          You please check Himalaya medicine mentat. Septalin. Vasaka. Triphala… Once have check with ayurvedic doctor…

      • Donna Simer Martin

        And who would it be that I can contact to help me watch my daughters over this. I haven’t lost ALL faith in Dr.’s, but boy have I realized that my collecting information over and over again is something that has to be done, otherwise, my 23 year old is going to be stuck living at home and not be able to work or drive or even have a remote chance of having a family some day

    • plookyskin71

      Good for you, Donna. I had chronic back ache…withdrew from pharmacy drugs and self medicate with herbs. Turmeric, Flax seed etc but the first thing I invested in was black seed oil capsules. Manuka honey is the best. 10+ and up although the higher you go the more expensive. Try you tube you will find a vast wealth of knowledge there.
      All the very best
      Alison x

    • hanna

      No more than a tablespoon daily, on an empty stomach..Do not exceed this dosage as too much can cause internal bleeding..Other than that, it is a very safe oil.

  • Sirzechs Zane

    Will this help for liver cancer??? What I have to do??? Please I need help.

    • Deborah

      Liv-J,is good for that also….

    • talia

      Moringa Oleifera Fruit extract

    • Khan Man

      Use organic black seed with raw honey not the kind you get in the market…raw honey look like peanut better…

  • Debi

    Hello, Is black seed a treatment option for Asherman’s Syndrome? or Chia seed and Cod Liver oil or Vitex

  • Chamz

    I would like to share with everyone that I had a problem with hair loss and eczema
    I had been to doctors than I had for the whole of my 36 years. I had had many blood tests and nothing to show the reason for this.
    Allah guided me to the use of black seeds, black seed oil and honey.

    I lost all body hair too, including eyebrows and eyelashes. I also stopped sweating for two whole years! I only realised that cod as soon as I started taking black seeds, the day after I was sweating whilst hoovering. My immune system was out of order. But I started taking 7 black seeds with Manuka honey mixed in warm water.
    Alhumdulillah my eyebrows are back and my eyelashes. My body hair too. both black seed and honey have been recommended by our Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him. Honey is mentioned in the Quran too.
    Anyway as for my bald scalp it’s still curing. I used a combination of black seed oil and olive oil too on my head, not too much as I had severe eczema on my scalp.

    Now I have about 60-70% of my head hair. Some are at the initial stages and have just popped out. The doctors had given little hope and said there’s no medication for alopecia!!! And offered to give me a subsided wig! But I kept searching. I also did do hijama on my scalp.

    Alhumdulillah Allah is most kind most merciful

  • Vivian

    Please can black seed be of help for someone with HIV…?

    • Deborah

      Yes indeed!

      • Taylor Durelo

        So how do you get cured using it what do you mix

        • hanna

          Take a tablespoon of black seed oil daily, before eating and it will boost your immune system..Don’t use more than a tablespoon daily ..It really is a miracle cure..Ignore all these people who tell you to contact these doctors..Use google to find out the benefits of black seed oil yourself..Good luck

          • Billyjoe

            It doesn’t cure hiv i took it in seed and with like read and i still not cured

          • Khan Man

            Billy joe you have to crush the seed and mix it with olive oil..if you use the oil make sure it’s organic…it’s working for me

          • billy joy

            Can i just buy the black seed oil and not have to buy olive oil and black seed i have crushed the black seeds . but i was using black seed and honey at the time. What black seed brand or company are you buying from if i can have just the brand name. And when is the best time of the day to take the black seed oil

          • billy joy

            What brand are you buying what is the web site you buy your black seed oil from .because there are fake ones claiming that it is black seed oil and it is not. So could you please give me the place you buy your at.i was doing the crushed black seed with honey. I was not cured do it that way . i want to be cured and will it cure it . i have eead up but sometimes you do not know if it is true or not

          • Qadar Khan
          • billy joy

            Hello i was taking black seed capsules and i for six months. And i was not cured yet . i read someone say take 1 tablespoon a day so which one is better the one you gave me seem kind a high in price

    • Sherr

      Read up on black seed oil!! And yes it will!!

  • Rose Morgan

    After being in pain and sorrow for about 3 Years and 2 Months, Dr. Daasu was able to restore my life back with his herbal medicine.My good friends,I was HIV positive for more than 3 years and everyday of my life I had cried to God as I was a mother of 2 cute kids who were looking up to me,I was taking my medication from the hospital, I also did some prayers to God that he should do some miracle in my life, My friends this is a life touching story I am sharing with you all on the internet today, Few Months ago i was browsing on net when i found some good testimonials about Dr Daasu Herbs,and someone recommended that he was cured of his HIV and HEPATITIS by Dr Daasu, I always had faith that God could use someone to heal me, I then contacted Dr Daasu and explained my ordeal to him, he told me not to worry that with God all things are possible and also that he was going to prepare for me some herbal herbs which I was to take and that he would send the medicine to me,Well after all the guidance and medication from Dr Daasu, he advised that I go for check up again to see my Status result and he assured me of good result, I was scared at that point because I never wanted someone to tell me again that I was positive,After 2 days I went to the Hospital for check up and they said the result was to come out by the following day.At 11:00am on that day the Hospital Laboratory Doctor called me and told me that the result was out and that I have tested Negative to HIV,I was shocked in disbelief ,I immediately called Dr Daasu and told him about the good news he told me to rejoice and make sure I shared my testimony with my friends and that is the reason I am doing this right now.Friends you can contact Dr Daasu today on( Friends contact him now as Dr Daasu can help solve your problems

    • Cheryl King

      you should watch origin of aids and polio vaccine and house of numbers documentary…THE HIV
      test is a load of crap

      • billy joy

        I have watched it .and there will never be a cure for hiv

        • Sherr

          colloidal silver for HIV. And black seed oil!! Yup. There is a cure. Try it!! I use black seed oil everyday.

          • billy joy

            Where do you buy your black seed oil at i would do that inwas doing ground up black seed with honey and it did not cure me of my hiv

          • Qadar Khan

            There are links in the post to buy black seed oil. You have to use it for a couple of months to see results. Avoid all Nigerian scams.

            You can use the following link to buy black seeds.


          • billy joy

            Where do you buy your black seed oil

          • Sherr

            Amazing herbs

          • titi

            Hi joy ,email me , let’s talk, I will see to it that you are HIV free and you know that there is indeed God and u Will not pay a dine

          • Billy Joel

            I just emailed you

      • billy joy

        No its not i almost died from mine

    • Bens Farel

      Hello are you serious

      • billy joy

        They will tell you yes but it is all a scam to take your money

  • michael

    Hello ,i am Michael from Florida,i am 50 years old,i saw a comment
    posted by Jenny Louis from New York, on how she was free from ASTHMA
    with cannabis CANNABIS OIL by doctor dories, i was diagnosed of HIV
    infections for the pass two years , i contacted jenny Louis and she
    told me that this very doctor cures HIV,cancer, and he also cures
    HIV/AIDS too, then i contacted Dr Ogun, so he told me what to do to
    get healing and free from HIV , so i make provisions for the HERBAL
    CREAM which i used for two weeks and now just to see that the exact
    week which doctor dories told me i we be healed i was felling good and
    healthy , my skin regained, i went for check up in the hospital and my
    doctor told that me that all the virus disappeared from my blood
    vessels and normal, then i made a promise to Dr Ogun that i will
    testify of his good herbal work to the world, so I will like you to
    contact him on or +2347081495694 ………… issue
    i believe Dr Ogun will help you.

    • billy joy

      This sounds like a scam to me .I would love to be cured but all the people Nigeria are scammers

      • Uzezit

        Pity you do not want to be cured because of Nigerian people.

        • billy joy

          It’s not that i don’t want to be cured. I have been scammed out of money from 7 different Niagara people so how do you think that i can even trust one single person their .

          • Diari Shenia

            Juz buy organic black seed oil from amazon.

          • billy joy

            I have bought black seed oil. But then it says to take the powder .so with one is better the liquid oil or the powder ..I have taken powder and capsule a d I’m still not cured I have taken it for over a year them I stopped.because I wasn’t cured .but I just started the liquid oil a month ago and I don’t like the taste but I take a tablespoon of oil a day and I teaspoon of half teaspoon of honey with it

          • Diari Shenia

            May i know what illness do u have? I only experience in using it for my migraine & it work after days of doctor pills which does not help. Dont know about the powder. Only familiar with oil form. There is oil in capsule form. The thing with herb is its hard to know the right dose.

          • billy joy

            I have Hiv . and I did buy off Amazon. I have bought organic

          • Diari Shenia

            Did u take it on empty stomach? I feel bad i cant help u with this. But my advice dont stop using it. Do u feel any better? Try to monitor the viral counts. See if there any changes. Dont stress out. Stress will affect your immunity. I wish u the best. I pray for your health.

          • billy joy

            Yes I take it on am empty stomach

          • billy joy

            They say not to take more then a tablespoon a day .

        • billy joy

          They all scam.ya

        • billy joy

          They all scam you they don’t cure you .

          • Harnet Ogude

            do u want black seed powder, contact my friend on 234 810 070 3416., trust me she wont scam you. its actually very affordable

          • billy joy

            Does she have an email i dont have a phone

          • billy joy

            I dont have a phone

          • billy joy

            This is Nigeria i will not trust anyone there

  • Khan Man

    I have been using organic black seed and natural raw honey 3 times a day my viral loads are down and cd4 count is rising…

  • Adam

    I have a herniated disc due to a car accident , my pain is so bad that doctors are talking about surgery. I have been doing physical therapy for 4 months now. Is this something black seed can help?
    Than you

    • Jennifer Weiner

      I’m not sure about the black seed but read the Mind Body Prescription by Dr John Sarno. The knowledge from his book cured me.

      • billy joy

        Wherenwould infind the book

      • billy joy

        It cured your hiv aids virus. Because that is what i have and have had it for 12 years

  • Samuel Kwame Mackay

    Can black seed, cinnamon, garlic and cure an eye sickness?

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