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Top 10 Home Remedies for the Cure of Constipation

If you are suffering from constipation and want some easy to follow treatment and to get quick relief then you are at the right place. We researched and gathered this information, which shall help you to relieve you off the problem. These steps are not only natural and safe, but also provide ease for immediate relief and are also useful as a guide to avoid or prevent it in the future. All these remedies are herbal and natural and can easily be followed at home. Most of these cures are just a combination of dietary changes.

1.       Herbal Tea and Constipation

There are conflicting reports regarding the role of black tea in constipation. The green tea is used by many people to cure constipated stomach. A warm cup of herbal tea such as chamomile tea, fennel tea or ginger tea will move the bowel down the intestine. It may not be the best of home or natural remedies, but it is instant, immediate and readily available.

Dandelion Tea:  It has been observed that Dandelion tea has a good and mild laxative effect.

It helps to make the bowel regular and laxative. Thee laxative effect makes the bowel move smoothly to pass out of the stomach.  In order to use it as one of the best home remedies for constipation, just take about one teaspoon of dried root of Dandelion, steep it in the boiled water, and drink it. Three cups of dandelion tea in a day is good enough to stop constipation.

If you have difficulty for finding herbal tea, you may drink a hot cup of coffee before you take anything in the morning for immediate relief. Although, it is not perfect and permanent cure but can be used for temporarily easing the problem. There are some conflicting reports regarding the role of coffee in constipation. Some sources claim that coffee, alcohol and black tea contain caffeine; they dehydrate the body and so cause constipation. The best way is just give it a try by taking just one cup before the breakfast, then wait and see. It must be kept in mind that coffee should be taken in moderation (may be 1 to 2 cup a day) and should not exceed more than 3 to 4 cups a day. If it makes your bowel move, then take it as a remedy, otherwise, try the other natural home remedies discussed here.

2.       Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetable are extremely important for staying healthy. They provide vitamins, minerals and fibre to increase the natural capability of the body. Some of the fruits have been proved to be very effective and good for constipation. For example, pear is regarded as an antidote for constipation. If you find it too hard to pass out the bowels, just eat a pear twice a day or take its juice. Best is to take the whole fruit. Pear has been proved to be one of the best natural and home remedies for constipation. Guava is also known for laxative effect and helps a lot in avoiding and curing it.  If you do not have any other problems, then the best recommended course is to eat one pear along with one guava and you shall see its wonders. Not only that, the fibre and vitamins in both pear and guava shall boost your health and give you an added advantage.

One of the oldest home remedies and natural treatment is using prune. The compound dihydroxyphenyl isatin and the rich fibre in prune stimulate the intestine and produce the urge to attend the toilet.

If you cannot find prunes for any reason, or simply you don’t like prunes, then an alternative natural treatment is chewing raisins. Just like prunes, these are also rich in fibre and tartaric acid. Its laxative effect is a wonderful treatment for constipation.

A fresh glass of juice of apple or pear in the morning and evening can help a lot to get you rid of constipation. Apple is rich in many vitamins and has been used for health benefits for thousands of year. An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay is a famous saying. Get fresh apple juice and get great benefits.

3.       Probiotics for Constipation

What are Probotics? These are a type of bacteria which are useful for keeping the intestine healthy. The intestine contains two kinds of bacteria: the useful and the harmful. If the former are more than the later, then the intestine should remain healthy, otherwise not. So more probotics will balance the harmful effects of the disease causing bacteria and thus save the body from several digestive disorders. According to a report published by Reuters, a new study has shown that some probotics may, indeed, help considerably in the treatment of chronic constipation, especially in babies. The study has shown that the probiotic strain Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus was found to be very effective for constipation relief. Probiotics can be taken in the form of capsules or just any yoghurt with live cultures. However, according a new study just reported by Reuters, the probiotic culture did not help much to ease the constipation in BABIES.

4.       Rice and Constipation

I remember it very well, that my grandma used to use simple, bowled rice for two opposites conditions i.e. diarrhoea and constipation. She explained that boiled rice was very soft and and in case of diarrhoea, it is easy for the stomach to digest it and so it helps stop diarrhoea. In case of constipation, if milk is added to rice, it works as a great laxative for constipated stomach.

Well, that was the grandma’s explanation about rice and constipation. What is the medical explanation? Rice, no doubt, is a good source of fibre and it is a great way to be used as a natural way for the treatment of constipation. Brown rice is even a richer source and hence much better to get relief.

5.       Castor Oil

As a natural treatment, it is one of the oldest remedies used for stomach ailments. In Eastern countries, where doctors and nurses are not common, people have the oil for thousands of years to treat constipation in babies. Castor oil is just a vegetable oil like any other oil and is extracted from Caster Beans. Millions worldwide use it as a powerful laxative. It helps in moving the bowel and getting out waste from both small and large intestine. Castor oil is available for small prices in most food-health stores.

A word of Caution: The oil should be used only as a temporary solution as a natural treatment for temporary constipation. It is always and strongly recommended to ask your doctor before using any home remedy.

6.       Aloe Vera

We all know the tremendous amount of benefits obtained from Aloe Vera gel or juice. It has been reported by many users that eating raw gel directly from the leaf causes diarrhoea. The raw juice is more concentrated than what is available commercially so be careful not to use it too much. Two tablespoons of raw gel is enough to be mixed in juice. Aloe Vera capsules are also available in the market and be taken for many health benefits including intestinal disorders. Pregnant women and those having allergies or rashes should not use aloe Vera without speaking to their doctor first.

Figs Fresh or Dried

Figs are rich in fibre and many vitamins and naturally treat constipation.  Figs can be taken either dried or fresh.  It can be also taken in the form of syrup or poultice for the cure of constipation. Figs can also be taken for numerous other health benefits as it contain many useful vitamins and nutrients. Figs contain the following vitamins

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Thiamine
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Protein

8.       Senna

For temporary and short term treatment, senna is, perhaps, the best among home remedies.. Senna has been even used in the form of tea by the ancient Egyptians for such ailments. The best way to use Senna these days is in the form of supplements, tablets, or chocolate. Senna is available in the super markets and acts very fast to get the bowel moving. However, according to senna has not been approved by FDA. Also it should be given to children only if a qualified health professional prescribes. I have, personally, used senna chocolate before going to bed and slosh… It works! No, IT ROCKS!

9.       Exercise and constipation

Exercise is the only home remedy and natural treatment for the cure of constipation which is free, readily available and the safest method. Exercise does not mean going to gym and starting all the workouts and using all that heavy gym equipment. If you can do that, no problem. But that is not what is required. Exercise is any physical activity that boosts the body system to function properly. It can range from anything like walking, biking, strolling, gardening, cleaning etc. I personally love to walk for an hour a day and never ever miss it. If the weather outside is windy or raining, I us my stairs as a great free equipment for indoor exercise. There are hundreds of benefits of exercise and one of them is to relive or ease constipation and stop, prevent and avoid it in the future. If you ask me for the best among home remedies, I will advise exercise. It is easy, free, extremely beneficial, effective and what not and what not! So, get up and get moving!

10.   Over the Counter Medicines

There are many over the counter medicines available in health or food shops and supermarkets. Most of these medicines should be used only as short term solutions and are not recommended for long and chronic cases. Some of the most common available over the counter medicines are:

  • Senna Tablets
  • Probiotic Capsules
  • Senna Tincture
  • Constipation chocolate
  • Luctolose Syrup

All these home remedies for constipation must be used with care. If you have any complications, it is always advised to speak to your doctor before taking any remedy or medicines. Finally, take these 3 steps and not only shall you stay CONSTIPATION FREE, but will also derive maximum benefits. Make it you ROUTINE in your everyday life and soon you shall see the wonderful results. Here are the 3 simply and easy things.

  1. Get moving (Exercise): When you move, the food in your body will also move down.
  2. Drink enough water or juice each day.
  3. Eat fibre rich diet.

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  • SY Kang



    For me Mamil is definitely the solution. I was facing same prob previously and was so clueless of what shud I do to help my DD. Then I was introduced by my sister which is a mother of 2 children. I believe Mamil is good bcos it has prebiotics and no sugar (sucrose) which helps alot in children constipation prevention. U can try and see the result in 7 days definitely

  • See La

    I was hving de same issue with my LO! I need some effective constipation remedy for my LO. So pity to see him hving bloated and hard stomach, also the stools are so hard!! This thing had been goin fr quite some time dy leh! or maybe anyone hv better suggestion on what milk formula to use for this issue??

  • halleyleong9938

    WAH sound so similar our condition! my ds was having such problems too.. but i think the remedies listed above quite good also la, i tried most of it already. my personal opinion; go for prunes! easily can solve constipation for children hehe

  • Siti Narutoo

    I think better dnt simply try this try that, alot remedies are not for weak stomach children. like wat happened to my DS, he ended up in hospital bcos his stomach couldnt take all tis traditional herbs which i got from my MIL. better seek for proper medical approval 1st!

  • johnliew

    its rather subjective la when comes to milk powder preference. for me and my wife, we would prefer friso baby formula, although alot ppl say its sweeter than Mamil but my DS love it. as long as it solves the probs rightt? haha

  • Bernert Chim

    I found many ways to solve my DD constipation issue including from social media. Thanks for advised me to switch formula milk. I switched to Mamil for my DD since May. My DD now can pooping easily as softer stools is 1 of the Mamil ingredients. My DD is happier than ever because she is no longer suffer in constipation issue anymore.

  • Sandra Wong

    Although your girl never gotten colic, do feed her balance diet so that she will not get constipation issue easily. Children should eat more fruits, try to give her has some prune juice sometimes. It helps preventing constipation. But this is just my two cents worth.

  • Alisa Lai

    My DS never encounter this kind of issue before. It might because i never simply change the milk powder because i heard before that mother simply switching formula milk brand may caused constipation. My DS is not taking Mamil formula milk brand but never encounter colic or constipation issue. Perhaps, that might be the reason.

  • Larva Chan

    Mamil is preferable for me because Mamil contains prebiotics oligosaccharide that helps maintain a good intestinal environment. Also, it supports stronger gut protective barrier as to prevent harmful bacteria from entering the body. Give Mamil a try, then you’ll see the difference in just 7 days.

  • MemYing Babe

    You’re right! I’m a mother of a 3YO daughter. Since changing to Mamil I feel assured. Mamil ingredients had proven that will prevent kids constipation, my DD is now no longer suffer in constipation issue anymore. Now I let her eat anything she wants. Mamil formula milk brand is the best!

  • Kaytie Ho

    My kids are taking Pediasure and it somehow worked well for them but i heard there are a lot of positive feedback on Mamil as well. Not sure should i change now to prevent constipation or wait until prob only change? Some say better change early because it’s better to start preventing early, but i dont really want to keep changing milk formula for my kids.

    • Larva Chan

      Every milk formula has their own speciality and benefits. It’s all about self preference and which one will suit your LO more. As for me, i’m using Mamil for preventing baby constipation and i find it pretty good because its basically sugarless which make it healthier for my DD. Not good to have sweety milk powder.

  • Alexis Lim

    My kids are taking Enfagrow and have no issued on constipation

  • Nicole Jones

    i switch to mamil as formula milk to my daughter and after a weeks, she had good bowel movement and no more hurt when poo.

  • Arone box

    thanks for sharing~~~

  • SY Kang

    My DS constipated since last month. Those traditional home remedies doesnt helps at all, he even getting worse. Please help my boy! Millions of thanks

  • Daisy Wingz

    try flavoured porridge, ben isnt keen on plain either. also, banana can block them up even the tinned stuff blocks up ben. stick with the pureed veg, apparently they need to try something 10 times before they decide they really dont like it!! also give you child plenty of juice at meal times to help it all along. this works on my child every time.

  • Christina Belenze

    i weaned all mine at 17 weeks an they all have been fine but i gv mine juice or water with every meal an i find this helps keep her bowels going the blackcurrant mineral water juice is a gd one altho its already mixed i tend to water it down more an she loves it. i will say tho if u only just weaning him it may take a while for his body to get used to it cos caz did get blocked the first 2 weeks of weaning.

  • Larva Chan

    I believe not all the traditional remedies are working, most of them dont work on every children. It’s depending on whether your kid can take it or not. There’s once my LO got into hosp due to minor poisoning after consuming some Chinese herb given by my SIL which she used to give it to her son as well. IMO, don’t ever try unknown remedies unless its prescribed by doctors or medical consultants.

  • Alisa Lai

    I think u should change FM for your LO, try Mamil. Based on my experience, Mamil really helps in children’s constipation problems. Mamil can actually help in preventing constipation because it has no sucrose and it can softer stools which these ingredients are actually the ones that help in the prevention. You can see the results in a week time by switching to Mamil. Good luck

  • Nadia Bailey

    Senna leaves made my constipation worse after 1 week. An alternative to senna, I now use the Lady Soma Fiber Cleanse (which uses psyllium husk instead of senna) and my bowel motions much more regular.

  • Sohail Ahmad

    Almond oil one tea spoon in 8oz of warm milk drink it before going to bed is the best remedy for constipation, use it two three days consecutively then take it when needed basis.

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