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Five Things to Keep in Mind Before You Try the Dental Floss Method for Skin Tag Removal

Five things to know

Using dental floss is an aged old method of removing skin tags. This method is usually safe and effective. If you want to know how to remove your skin tags using a dental floss, please read this article here.

While taking any Do it Yourself route to solving a health problem, utmost care must be taken. It is irrelevant whether it is a minor or major issue. All possible precautionary measures must be done before embarking on any self treatment.

Break Through Skin Tag Removal ProductOne of the most effective ways to get rid of the ugly fleshy bits on the skin is the use of dental floss. People in the old days used to use hair from the horse neck. It is believed that hair from the horse neck is sharper and penetrates deep enough to cut the blood supply to tags. These days, we have dental floss strings or cotton threads available, there is no need to use the horse hair. Before you tie your skin tags, it is important to keep the following five things in your mind.

1. Make sure the dental floss is clean

The dental floss penetrates enough to block the blood supply. It is very important that the floss is clean and free from any germs or bacteria. Use sterilizing solution and gloves to ensure it is perfectly clean.

2. Make sure that it is tight enough

Some people tie the string loose. This does not disconnect the blood flow into the tag. You must tighten it enough that it stops the flow of blood to the tag. Do not tighten it too much. Too much tightening cause bleeding and make it sore and painful. While tying the tag, make a loop so that you can untie it if required.

3. Get ready for the Pain

Using the dental floss method is not pain free. Once it starts penetrating you might find it sore and painful. You may put some ice cube over it which numbs the area around and relieves pain. If the pain is too much and the ice cubes do not work, take some over the counter pain killers.

4. Regularly Check and Clean

A good idea is to cover it with a duct tap or any other plaster to keep it clean. Covering also ensures that it does not come in contact with clothes, jewelry etc. Regularly check for an signs of infection. It should fall within 5 to 7 days. If it does not change the color and does not show any signs of coming off, you might need to give it another try.

5. Try pain Free Alternatives

If you freak out or chickened out like me, then there are some pain free alternatives too. Although, these options are not free, but if you are not satisfied, you can get your money back. You will not have to worry about pains, bleeding and infections etc. For more information, check out this page.

  • Lory

    I would advice everyone not to attempt the tying off method for quite large skin tags (over 4-5 mm), especially if located on face – even worst around eyes: I am talking out of personal experience as I did the mistake of doing it a couple of weeks ago and ended up with a bigger skin tag, swollen and sore, most probably infected (there was a bit of pus around the base) – though I was very careful, using peroxide and antibiotic ointment every day, but probably not enough – so in the end I had to call the dermatologist and have it removed by her. She told me the tying off method could work only for small skin tags that have a very thin stalk, and she’s definitely right on that as years ago I removed successfully one (near my eye) that was quite long but very, very thin. Better not mess up with health anyway.

    • John

      I just ran across your post about this. I just started the tying method myself about half a week ago and it does have a big stalk, but since it’s been tied it feels like it’s not there. I have been using peroxide after showering. I think it should fall off in couple days or so, but I notice a little pus coming out so I searched it and came across this. Do you have any advice on after it falls off like what I should use etc? This on my back by the way. Thanks!

  • Mrs S.

    I didn’t even tie it, I just kept sliding the floss back and forth at the bottom of the tag until it fell off. It’s worked twice for me. Grant it, they were new tags and just forming I believe, as they hurt and we’re irritating.

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